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How Abu Dhabi is Increasing its Success with Crypto-Trading Regulation

By David Drake As the cryptocurrency industry grows, it’s becoming increasingly evident that regulation is necessary. Abu Dhabi has joined the growing number of countries across the globe that are focusing on creating frameworks for regulating cryptocurrency exchange. Just last month, South Korea introduced regulations banning anonymous trading while the US, France and Germany are advocating for discussions on cryptocurrency […]

AlphaWeek Q&A: Challenges that private equity firms face in 2018 when it comes to raising money

**Article first published on: Alphaweek (https://goo.gl/8BySmf) AlphaWeek’s Greg Winterton spoke with Kyle Dunn, CEO, and David Allison, Director of Brand Strategy at Meyler Capital, a capital raising boutique based out of New York and Vancouver, about the challenges that private equity firms face in 2018 when it comes to raising money. GW: Kyle, David, to begin, what challenges are private […]

Too many managers ‘go-to-market’ without a plan

We frequently speak to fund managers that have already been actively marketing for some time, but have yet to gain much traction. Every manager has their own set of challenges to overcome in their quest to raise more capital, but one of these challenges can be attributed to a self-inflicted problem: ‘going-to-market’ without a strategic marketing plan. One can fall […]

Doing “What’s More Right” As An Asset Manager

Just a few days ago, Sears shut its doors permanently for its last store north of the American border. Sadly, the end of an era for one of the greatest success stories in American retail history. As recently as 50 years ago, the thick Sears catalog was every family’ go-to source for mail ordering anything from eyeglasses to bicycles, and, […]

9 Steps to Create an Information Security Plan (Webinar Replay)

In today’s changing regulatory and investor landscape, Information Security Plans are critical for hedge funds and investment management firms to comply with SEC regulations, due diligence requests and state laws. In our recent webinar, we had our in-house information security experts weigh in on Information Security Plans: what they are, why they are important, and the 9 steps your firm can […]

Investment Managers Have No Windows

Investment Managers Have No Windows. All credit for this blog goes to Eli Combs.  Eli is one of the best fund raising specialists in the business: www.axisga.com. It was Eli who coined the phrase, “investment managers have no windows” – it is a particularly appropriate analogy for the hedge fund industry. He compares managers to car dealerships. I am assuming […]

The Four Most Important Words

The Four Most Important Words In Hedge Fund Marketing   Wasting no time:   Language Tools Technology Budget   If you embrace these four words, your marketing will improve and your AUM will increase.   Language Hedge funds have been using the same verbiage to describe themselves for a quarter century. The mystique and sexiness is gone. Eighty percent of […]

Why Ripple is Going Steady in a Highly Competitive Coin Market

by David Drake Ripple ranks fourth on the coin market after Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash, with a market capitalization of $28 billion. Within the last one year, the price of Ripple’s digital currency, Ripple XRP has increased by about 4300% to reach $0.79, up from $0.01. At the time of writing this article, Ripple XRP was trading at $0.74 in the […]

How IOTA is Taking the Crypto Market by Storm

by David Drake At the time of writing this article, IOTA had a market capitalization of $14.4 billion and was the sixth largest cryptocurrency after Litecoin. As a cryptocurrency platform, IOTA provides secure payments and communications between machines on Internet of Things (IoTA) networks. Vincent Jacques, CEO of ChainTrade ICO says, “IOTA has a lot of things going for it. […]

How V Tokens by BLOCKv.io are facilitating the growth of the global digital economy

by David Drake Imagine how many businesses would be unlocked if every developer gets the building blocks he or she needs to contribute to the growing virtual economy. Developers of digital goods will soon be able to explore new ways of generating revenue by traversing real and virtual worlds and engaging end users fast. This will be possible on BLOCKv, […]