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Don’t Be “Institutional”. Be Professional, Credible and Inspiring Instead.

A controversial title, perhaps, but the industry has gone too far confusing “institutional” with “uninteresting.” Having spent years building marketing materials for the alternative investment industry, as far as I can tell being “institutional” means that you dilute your message to the point where you are uninspiring, that you mirror the language of your competitors, avoid anything with aesthetic appeal, […]

Self-Discovery Marketing … It Is A Thing. Soon It Will Be The Only Thing.

What do you do when you want to validate information? One word: Google. This tendency has become so prevalent that it has given rise to an entirely new form of marketing, aptly titled self-discovery marketing. This form of marketing has evolved out of the endless access people have to information. Buying a car … online research. Buying a house … […]

Building Relationships Smarter: How Computer Science is Changing the Capital Raising World

Growing up a millennial I always felt like I had an acute understanding of the power of the computer and its potential use for me and as an extension, society. As I got older I watched the computer revolutionize industry after industry but marketing and capital raising has failed to embrace this trend. So when I learned how to code […]

Institutional CIO Who “Rarely Invests in Emerging Managers” Has Now Become One

WHY THIS IS NOT THE CONTRADICTION THAT IT MAY SEEM… When he told me the news that he was stepping down from his position advising well over $100 billion in portfolios for a mid-sized consultant to go back to running an asset management firm, I actually wasn’t surprised. After all, he had been managing risk for 25 years prior to […]

Don’t Let Your Message Get Derailed

There’s been a train wreck. No lives were lost, but a presentation was mangled, an ego was bruised, and a prospective relationship is in critical condition.  Here’s how it happened. Even though you’re the one doing the reading, pretend for a moment that I’m your audience.  There’s something you want to communicate to me – something that you believe is […]

Why Graphite is the Next “Diamond” of Alternative Energy

By David Drake     Experts forecast that the consumption of graphite in all its forms will double by 2020. There will be a continued shift in world graphite markets away from amorphous natural graphite towards flake and synthetic graphite as emerging applications typically require large flakes and very high-purity. This increase will be pronounced as graphite has been recently […]

Marketing: A Solution, Not A Task

“Allocators don’t look at websites”   “Performance is all that matters”   “We don’t have time to create content” I was speaking with the principal of a fund the other day and I was immediately confronted by all the normal platitudes above. It went on and on. Honestly, I just don’t understand the industry’s defensiveness when it comes to marketing. […]

Just (Don’t) Do It

Are you tired of all those articles about ‘How to Be a Better Marketer’, ‘5 Easy Ways to Make Your Email More Effective’ and of course ‘Instagram: The Hedge Fund Marketer’s Secret Weapon’?  We all are.  Who writes these things?  Don’t they have anything else to do? So instead, here are some things you should simply STOP doing – which […]

Performance or Integrity…You Only Get To Pick One

I am going to throw a punch.   You can choose to take the punch, shake it off, and be wiser from the experience, or you can swing back.  I am good either way.   Here goes. In the world of asset management nobody can 100% guarantee performance. Therefore if you “claim” to have integrity, when meeting with investors you […]

Three Simple Changes to Instantly Make Your Marketing Material More Impactful

A buddy recently had the opportunity to hang out with a retired MLB power hitter. One of those guys that routinely led the league in home runs (…and strike outs). When asked about the secret to hitting a ball so far, the former outfielder responded,   “I don’t know, I just swing really hard.”   I would guess that there […]