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DITMo Special Commentary 6/12

Portfolio Manager Commentary The June2012 report was delayed about a week to allow for commentary on Obamacare and EU election outcomes. SCOTUS delayed their decision until as late as 29June post the date of this report. The June Commentary will focus instead on our eristic speculation of certain geopolitical events potentially to occur imminently and considerations of these events on […]

DITMo Hedge Strategy Monthly (Apr12-Issue9) Rev

23 pgs, 20 Hedge Strategies by GARP SoCal Director. Now with Alpha/Beta t-tests including probabilities of risk and return, “Returns, Attributions and Rankings.” Scattergrams, SD/Return graphs and Color Return Ranking matrices that may be used as pullouts by advisors and allocators.DITMo Hedge Strategy Monthly Apr12-Issue9 Rev

Public/Private Partnerships: 8(a), NIB, SBIC

Pj de Marigny, DITMo Strategies Director, GARP, S. California Chapter 26Sept2011, Newport Beach, CA Public/Private Partnerships: 8(a), NIB, SBIC I have witnessed the adverse impact of Gov’t programs through a family-owned small business manufacturer. We employed about 55 mostly minorities in inner-city Brooklyn. The work was difficult, the working conditions were uncomfortable, and the profitability was marginable, but everybody worked…hard. […]