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DITMo Special Commentary 6/12

Portfolio Manager Commentary The June2012 report was delayed about a week to allow for commentary on Obamacare and EU election outcomes. SCOTUS delayed their decision until as late as 29June post the date of this report. The June Commentary will focus instead on our eristic speculation of certain geopolitical events potentially to occur imminently and considerations of these events on […]

Fed Discount Rate Increase Exposed, Gold’s Anomalous Strength

A maelstrom of misinterpretation dominates the financial media outlets today in regards to last night’s Fed action. Click here for my audio post on the recent decision by the Fed to increase the discount rate. After listening to the above post, Gary Rosenthal had the following comments on the Fed move: 1) Federal Reserve banks currently have a record high of $1.14 Trillion […]

Greek Fears Ebb, Gold Advances, Stimulus Demands Grow

Euro zone gives Greece 30 days to show good on deficit – Reuters The tsunami of Greek fear begins to ebb and like proverbial clockwork the US$ drops almost 1%, the equity markets rally over 1% and Gold runs back above the $1100 level up over 1.5%. By now, as readers of this blog, the financial market behavior described above […]

RCM Editorial: Believing in The Gold Bull Market. Does it Take Faith or Simply Common Sense?

I feel compelled today to discuss what I am hearing is the eminent demise of the Gold bull market. I have been forced to field emails, phone calls and, yes, even a text message on this topic over the last couple of weeks. To say the least, I am disappointed with some in our flock. Over the last 3 years […]

News that Moves: Volcker Takes on the Fed, Obama and the IMF, TARP Exit Debate

RCM Comment: IT’S ABOUT TIME!! By Timothy R. Homan Bloomberg News Saturday, April 18, 2009 Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker said Congress will probably review the authority granted to the Fed following emergency credit programs doubling the central bank’s balance sheet to $2.19 trillion. “I don’t think the political system will tolerate the degree of activity that the Federal […]