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The secret to how the NFT hype affects hedge funds

The art and financial sector has been abuzz for the past months: the rise of NFTs or non-fungible tokens has been garnering attention and quite the sum. Continue reading

David Drake of LDJ Capital banks on Bitcoin to hit the $133,300 mark this 2021

By: David Drake 2020 was a year full of unfamiliarities. COVID-19 was an uninvited visitor that barged itself into our lives and decided to wreak havoc on our fragile world. It caught all of us off-guard and forced us to accept this difficult reality. Several industries bore the brunt of COVID-19, and businesses were barely keeping their heads afloat. Millions […]

Will bitcoin price hit $133,300 in 2021? David Drake says it’s possible and shares top 3 crypto predictions

By: David Drake The coronavirus disease or COVID-19 outbreak single-handedly defined 2020 as this pandemic severely affected industries, economies, and the way of life around the world. Financial markets, stocks, and companies around the globe had a turbulent year and faced major setbacks like the imposed global lockdowns and termination of business operations.  After several months of quarantine, the world […]

HedgeCo Feature Update: Receive email notices of HedgeCo.Net fund updates

The HedgeCo technical team is constantly at work developing new features for our users. Our most recent feature roll-out includes brand new functionality in our watch list, fund comparison and search features. It has always been a goal of HedgeCo to get investors information on funds as soon as it becomes available. To further this goal, our new system emails […]

Hedge Fund Assets Down $20.94 Billion In June

Hedge funds suffered losses this month according to the new Eurekahedge report. ”Hedge funds recorded negative returns in June ending their seven month winning run, as global markets witnessed broad based declines during the month.” Total assets under management were down by $20.94 billion – the sector witnessed net negative asset flows of $2.12 billion while losing $18.82 billion through performance […]

Hedge Funds Who Invested In BP Partner Are Suing For Oil Spill Damages

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, a BP partner, is being sued by investors for its role in the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill at the Macondo well. Anadarko has over 100 hedge fund shareholders. Reuters reports: “The investors claimed Anadarko wasn’t a passive partner in the Macondo well. It “expressly approved and funded a series of extremely risky decisions made in connection […]

HedgeCo Networks announces Hedge Fund Job Board on

HedgeCo Networks is dedicated to providing the hedge fund industry with products which are specifically tailored to fit the needs of the industry. Over the last 8 years, we have managed the premier Hedge Fund Employment website which has serviced thousands of firms in the financial industry, enabling them to post employment opportunities and find qualified personnel. HedgeCo is now […]

Risk-AI and BarclayHedge Launch Hedge Fund App

Risk-AI and BarclayHedge have collaborated to produce the first hedge fund risk application for the iPad. The new application allows users of Risk-AI’s Transparency Analytics software to view data and analysis wherever they can use their iPad. “This application allows users to quickly research hedge fund managers and review fund information anytime and anywhere, even without Internet connectivity,” says Aleksey Matiychencko, senior […]

Revisiting the Sharpe Ratio

A lot has been written about the simple Sharpe Ratio (this is my 3rd blog entry about it). The Sharpe Ratio is popular because it gives investors a way to view a fund or portfolio’s return taking Volatility and Risk out of the picture. When evaluating the Sharpe Ratio keep these things in mind: The Higher the Sharpe Ratio, the […]

Hedge Fund Cloud Security: Let’s Get Physical (and Virtual Too)

The transition to cloud computing services is at a high in the hedge fund industry and will continue to increase throughout 2012 and beyond.  Efficiencies, scalability and cost-savings are three of the most commonly listed benefits of moving to the cloud, while concerns around security remain one of the biggest perceived risks. The reality is that cloud security is a […]