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SEC Charges Firms Involved in Layering, Manipulation Schemes
Apr 21 - (HedgeCo.Net) The Securities and Exchange Commission has announced fraud charges against a Ukraine-based trading firm accused of manipulating the U.S. markets hundreds of thousands of times and the New York-based brokerage firm and CEO who allegedly

SEC Freezes Brokerage Accounts Used to Reap $1 Million In Alleged Insider Trading Profits
Apr 20 - (HedgeCo.Net) An emergency court order has been issued to freeze assets in two brokerage accounts used to generate more than $1 million in alleged insider trading profits in connection with a merger announcement by telecommunications companies. Accor
Is Alternative Finance Disruptive or Collaborative?
By: David Drake
Alternative finance, a concept which encompasses peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding, has experienced rapid growth globally. It started in 2008, after the global financial crisis, as an online extension of conventional financing through family and

Institutional Real Estate Crowdfunding: Big Players Join the Crowd
By: David Drake
It’s Time to Rethink Your Stance Current trends suggest that those who believe crowdfunding is a “minority capital” and that it excludes (to a large extent) the participation of high-profile investors should now reconsider. High-pro

Portfolio Manager
Anonymous - New York, New York
Our group has partnered up with two of our “best-of-breed” institutional investor/partner pools to seed and partner with the a handful of the absolute top performing PM's in the hedge fund industry. For scalable strategies / PM’s producing...
Quantitative Researcher
Numeric Investors LLC - Boston, MA
About Numeric Investors LLC
Portfolio Manager & Researcher
Numeric Investors LLC - Boston, MA
About Numeric Investors LLC
Associate Quantitative Researcher
Numeric Investors LLC - Boston, MA
About Numeric Investors LLC
Junior Business Information Analyst at Fisher Investments
Fisher Investments - Camas, Washington
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