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SEC Charges Men with Insider Trading on Information From Wives

Dear Friends, On March 31, 2014, the SEC announced the following charges against two men that traded on confidential information from their wives: Tyrone Hawk overheard his wife’s work calls indicating that her company, Oracle Corp., was planning to acquire Acme Packet Inc.  Hawk violated a duty of trust when he purchased Acme Packet shares prior to the acquisition and […]

Right Wing Talk Show Host George Jarkesy Charged by the SEC in Hedge Fund Fraud Case

George Jarkesy, the 37-year-old Nationally Syndicated right-wing talk show host turned Hedge Fund manager was charged by the SEC on March 23rd for Fraud in his Hedge Fund. In his radio show George Jarkesy proclaims himself as a “Defender of Capitalism”, and rails against the government manipulating the market to the hurt of investors. Ironically the SEC is charging Jarkesy and […]

Know Your Investment Partners — Frederic Bourke, The Pirate of Prague, Omega Advisors and the FCPA

This week we have a guest post by Matthew Reinhard, Member at law firm Miller & Chevalier The tale of hand-bag mogul, turned Azerbaijan oil-speculator, turned felon, Frederic Bourke came to an end in mid-December when the Second Circuit Court of Appeals sustained his conviction on conspiracy to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”) and other charges.  The next day […]

Supreme Court decision in Janus securities fraud case

This morning the U.S. Supreme Court has delivered its ruling in the securities fraud case Janus Capital Group v. First Derivatives Traders. The case is another in which investors tested boundaries between primary and secondary players who might be liable for damages in such fraud cases. The Court, reversing a Fourth Circuit decision, held that Janus Capital Management, investment adviser […]

Robert Heim, a partner at Meyers & Heim LLP Says Rajaratnam Case Wake-Up Call for Hedge Funds

FINRA Pre-IPO Social Media Offerings Alert

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has issued an alert to warn investors about pre-IPO scams purporting to offer access to shares of Facebook, Groupon, Twitter and Zynga.  These companies have millions of subscribers and have dramatically changed the way people interact.  But social media has also become the latest hook on which con artists can hang a scam.  In […]

NY Law Firm Launches SEC Whistleblower Site

Manhattan law firm, Stuart D. Meissner LLC, announced today the launching of, targeting whistleblowers under the new whistleblower provisions within the July 21, 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. The Act awards whistleblowers who provide “original information” leading to the successful prosecution of the violation of securities laws to recover 10% to 30% of any monetary sanctions exceeding […]

UK Bribery Bill Will Give Sharper Teeth To Global Fraud Clampdown

Britain looks set to become part of the world’s biggest ever concerted attack on fraud and corruption within financial institutions. The Bribery Bill – which now seems certain to be passed before the UK General Election – will bring Britain more into line with tough U.S. regulations, according to Complinet, one of the world’s leading suppliers of global finance solutions. […]

Full Report On Hedge Fund Arrests – Allegations

The U.S. Department of Justice released the names of the eight defendants who were arrested yesterday, 5th Nov, 2009: 1. Zvi Goffer, who formerly worked at The Schottenfeld Group LLC (Schottenfeld), a broker dealer in New York, and currently operates a trading firm called Incremental Capital (Incremental), in New York; 2. Arthur Cutillo, an attorney at the law firm of […]

Jeffrey Brown, logi Energy, Comments on Five Stages in the Life Cycle of Net Oil Exporters

The production decline rates for six examples of declining net oil exporting countries were all in the single digit range, and all but one were less than 5%/year. Continue reading