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SEC Charges Men with Insider Trading on Information From Wives

Dear Friends, On March 31, 2014, the SEC announced the following charges against two men that traded on confidential information from their wives: Tyrone Hawk overheard his wife’s work calls indicating that her company, Oracle Corp., was planning to acquire Acme Packet Inc.  Hawk violated a duty of trust when he purchased Acme Packet shares prior to the acquisition and […]

SAC Capital: Hedge Fund Billionaire’s Baseball Dreams Fall Through

NY District Judge Richard Sullivan has signed off on a $900 million judgment, part of the $1.2 billion settlement reached by the SEC and hedge fund billionaire Steven Cohen. The settlement is the largest insider trading penalty in history. Cohen’s bid for the Oregon Ducks may fall through as a result. “The potential ownership market is too strong for baseball to keep […]

Hedge Funds: SEC Weekend Fraud Roundup

Following a plea deal struck in April, Oregon-based hedge fund manager Yusaf Jawed has been sentenced to six years in prison for defrauding investors of $37 million. Jawed plead guilty to 17 counts of mail and wire fraud and was ordered to pay $6.4 million in forfeitures, he paid a $34 million settlement to the SEC. The SEC charged a Manhattan-based independent […]

Read Steven Cohen’s SAC Capital Federal Indictment

SAC indictment document by CNBC

Right Wing Talk Show Host George Jarkesy Charged by the SEC in Hedge Fund Fraud Case

George Jarkesy, the 37-year-old Nationally Syndicated right-wing talk show host turned Hedge Fund manager was charged by the SEC on March 23rd for Fraud in his Hedge Fund. In his radio show George Jarkesy proclaims himself as a “Defender of Capitalism”, and rails against the government manipulating the market to the hurt of investors. Ironically the SEC is charging Jarkesy and […]