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The Delicate Balance Between Government Financial Reform and Unintended Consequences

In last Saturday’s edition of the New York Times, Joe Nocera wrote an interesting piece outlining some of the major obstacles currently facing the House Financial Services Committee.  The agency, which considers measures ranging from the banking industry to economic issues to insurance, is responsible for drafting a new financial reform package on behalf of the Obama Administration.  At the […]

News that Moves: Volcker Takes on the Fed, Obama and the IMF, TARP Exit Debate

RCM Comment: IT’S ABOUT TIME!! By Timothy R. Homan Bloomberg News Saturday, April 18, 2009 Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker said Congress will probably review the authority granted to the Fed following emergency credit programs doubling the central bank’s balance sheet to $2.19 trillion. “I don’t think the political system will tolerate the degree of activity that the Federal […]