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Working for Bank of America vs. Financial Startups: How Does the Experience Differ?

According to Leigh Drogen, the co-founder and CEO of Estimize, there’s a big difference between working for or managing a traditional financial institution and a financial startup. When you’re in charge of the former, “Every day you come in and know exactly what you need to do to build that firm,” Drogen, who was previously the founder and CIO of […]

Where Will You Work if JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Other Institutions Break Up?

Sometimes a relationship can last a lifetime. But just because two people might seem perfect for each other does not mean their marriage will last a lifetime. All too often, it ends in divorce. That could be the case for our nation’s biggest banks, and that is exactly what Sanford I. Weill, the former Chairman and CEO of Citigroup, wants […]

The Delicate Balance Between Government Financial Reform and Unintended Consequences

In last Saturday’s edition of the New York Times, Joe Nocera wrote an interesting piece outlining some of the major obstacles currently facing the House Financial Services Committee.  The agency, which considers measures ranging from the banking industry to economic issues to insurance, is responsible for drafting a new financial reform package on behalf of the Obama Administration.  At the […]