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How to Go On Interviews While You’re Still Employed

When looking for work, unemployed job seekers do not have to hide their search for a new gig. More often than not, it is better to loudly tell the world that they are currently looking for work. The more people they talk to, the more doors that will be opened. On the other hand, job seekers that are still employed […]

Five Skills You Should Obtain to Advance Your Career in 2013

With every new year comes a host of new challenges. In the financial sector, those challenges include an evolving job market and a growing number of people who are fighting for every job. What can a job seeker do to stand out? What skills can he or she obtain to become a stronger candidate? To find out, StreetID turned to […]

How to Ace a Hedge Fund Interview

First and foremost: do not ever lie. “Then you don’t have anything to remember,” said Mitch Ackles, President of the Hedge Fund Association and CEO of Hedge Fund PR. “Make sure that everything is truthful and above board. Be completely clear if you’ve ever had any black marks on your record, if you’ve ever had any disciplinary actions from a […]

Insider Tips on How to Get Hired at this Publicly Traded Firm

From New York and San Francisco to Hong Kong and Israel, FXCM is looking to fill a number of positions within the company. StreetID spoke to a human resources specialist at the firm to learn everything you need to know before you apply. “Primarily what we recruit for is client-facing type roles, especially within our satellite offices,” the specialist told […]

Where Will You Work if JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Other Institutions Break Up?

Sometimes a relationship can last a lifetime. But just because two people might seem perfect for each other does not mean their marriage will last a lifetime. All too often, it ends in divorce. That could be the case for our nation’s biggest banks, and that is exactly what Sanford I. Weill, the former Chairman and CEO of Citigroup, wants […]

Benchmark’s Michael Eisenberg: Pay Attention to Micro Businesses

If you want to know where the job market is headed, Benchmark’s Michael Eisenberg recommends that you pay attention to the trend surrounding micro businesses or sub-SMEs, “where we have a lot of talented people that have gotten laid off or have left their jobs in corporate America that are starting businesses on their own.” “This is creating incredible opportunities […]

This Hedge Fund is Cutting 59 Jobs

Stark & Roth LLC has announced that it will reduce its workforce in a “series of staff reductions.” According to The Business Journal, the St. Francis, Wisconsin-based hedge fund will begin by eliminating 28 employees this week. The company will also close three of its hedge funds — Shepherd Investments International, Shepherd Guardian and Stark Investments — as a result […]

Recruiters Hate Cover Letters, But You Still Need One

Will the debate surrounding the importance of cover letters ever come to an end? Earlier this month, former recruiter Anne-Marie Baiynd told StreetID that recruiters don’t read cover letters. “The managers don’t read them either because it’s all fluff,” she said. But Kunal Desai, who is also a former recruiter (as well as the CEO of Bulls on Wall Street), […]

The Easiest Way to Get a Job Is…

Job seekers can send out a million resumes, but there is a much better way to get a job: by networking with as many people as possible within a particular field. But whatever you do, don’t confuse networking for a LinkedIn connection. “Networking is huge,” Kunal Desai, a former recruiter and the CEO of Bulls on Wall Street, told StreetID. […]

Forget the Big Players, Smaller Brokerages May be Your Future Employer

As Wall Street firms continue to consolidate, many financial professionals are losing their jobs. Others are having a difficult time finding work. Very few have been able to walk away from the financial crisis completely unscathed. “What happens when a big company buys a smaller one is that they find out that they’ve got functions that are duplicating each other,” […]