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DITMo Hedge Strategy Monthly (June12, Issue11) New Release

DITMo Hedge Strategy Monthly Jun12-Issue11Attributions, Rankings and Performances for Hedge Fund Classes and Indexes with Probabilities, Graphs, and pullout Color Matrices. By Pj de Marigny, PM DITMo Strategies / Renovatio Asset Management

DITMo Special Commentary 6/12

Portfolio Manager Commentary The June2012 report was delayed about a week to allow for commentary on Obamacare and EU election outcomes. SCOTUS delayed their decision until as late as 29June post the date of this report. The June Commentary will focus instead on our eristic speculation of certain geopolitical events potentially to occur imminently and considerations of these events on […]

Saving Europe

There are almost 40 billion euro reasons that Germany wants to replace Merkel. Since the 1992 Maastrich Treaty, the EU was a dream that portended great things – create a trading bloc and a currency. By 2002 the Euro was created with rules that capped GDP deficit spending to 103%. The rules were almost immediately broken and in the same […]

Saving The State Of California: Reed Hastings

As a manager in Newport Beach, California, concerns over the state’s viability have never been so palpable in the face of an almost $16 billion budget deficit and rising taxes. The answer to a certain course of default is not just cost-cutting or raising taxes. The state needs creative entrepreneurs to rethink every process of providing services. If the focus […]

DITMo Manager: “The Trouble With Banks…” (Top Short FCNCA)

Short: FCNCA: First Citizens As a relative value manager of DITMo Strategies “relative stability” is the screening. There is a reason why it is almost impossible for “relative stability” to find trades in the bank sector. Instead, the financial industry “relative stability” screen is relatively narrow including just a handful of exchanges, credit card companies and a few service companies. […]

DITMo Hedge Strategy Monthly (May12, Issue10r)

Revised version: DITMo Hedge Strategy Monthly. 23pg/20 Hedge Fund Classes & Indexes over 10Y period. Widely used by Private Banks, Wealth Advisors, Hedge Funds and Allocators.DITMo Hedge Strategy Monthly May12-Issue10r

DITMo Hedge Strategy Monthly (Apr12-Issue9) Rev

23 pgs, 20 Hedge Strategies by GARP SoCal Director. Now with Alpha/Beta t-tests including probabilities of risk and return, “Returns, Attributions and Rankings.” Scattergrams, SD/Return graphs and Color Return Ranking matrices that may be used as pullouts by advisors and allocators.DITMo Hedge Strategy Monthly Apr12-Issue9 Rev

NEW!!! DITMo Hedge Strategy Monthly (March 2012, Issue #8)

Newly revised with signficance tests on Alpha, Beta, Correlation with Probabilities of Risk and Return, Rankings, over 50 Attributions, etc, by Pj de Marigny, PM DITMo Strategies; Director GARP SoCalDITMo Hedge Strategy Monthly Mar12-Issue8

DITMo Hedge Strategy Monthly (Feb’12) Rev.

23 pgs, 20 hedge strategies and indexes, probabilities on risk and return, color matrices (revised front page VaR measures) Pj de Marigny is PM, DITMo Strategies and GARP SoCal DirectorDITMo Hedge Strategy Monthly Feb12-Issue7 (Rev)

DITMo Hedge Strategy Monthly (Feb 2012, Issue #7)

Pj de Marigny, PM DITMo Strategies; Director, GARP SoCal 23 pages on 20 Hedge and Index Strategies with Attributions, Probabilities and Rankings over 10 YearsDITMo Hedge Strategy Monthly Feb12-Issue7