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DITMo Special Commentary 6/12

Portfolio Manager Commentary The June2012 report was delayed about a week to allow for commentary on Obamacare and EU election outcomes. SCOTUS delayed their decision until as late as 29June post the date of this report. The June Commentary will focus instead on our eristic speculation of certain geopolitical events potentially to occur imminently and considerations of these events on […]

Week in Review: NYSE Comp. in Defined Downtrend, Credit Market Troubles Continue as Europe Leads the Decline, NFP Data Disappoints

The news moving markets today centers around fears about renewed economic weakness and continued credit market deterioration. I have included a number of stories below offering a good cross-section of the situation. Meanwhile, traditional technical analysis helps tone down the noise and offers a pure indication of who is in control: the buyers or the sellers.  To that end, the […]

European Hedge Funds and FOHF’s in 2008

European hedge funds are begining to show promise as new launches in the US decline. One recent fund launch is DanFonds, which is focusing on frontier markets, a hybrid between the public market hedge fund approach and the private equity model. Agilo, a London hedge fund is in talks with Hugh Hefner planning to re-open the Playboy Headquarters in London. […]