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Week in Review: NYSE Comp. in Defined Downtrend, Credit Market Troubles Continue as Europe Leads the Decline, NFP Data Disappoints

The news moving markets today centers around fears about renewed economic weakness and continued credit market deterioration. I have included a number of stories below offering a good cross-section of the situation. Meanwhile, traditional technical analysis helps tone down the noise and offers a pure indication of who is in control: the buyers or the sellers.  To that end, the […]

Sovereign Debt Spreads Widen on Greece/Portugal Worries, Equity/Commodity Markets Roiled, Fed Begins to Backtrack

The equity and commodity markets get rocked as Sovereign debt woes resurface. The burning question: Will the dramatic widening of credit spreads in Sovereign debt, beginning to resemble the CDS collapse of 2008 in the private sector, lead to a revisit of a 2008 type credit crisis and all the fallout associated with it?… Greece, Portugal woes intensify – WSJ […]

Stock Market Investing: Fallout From Employment Data

Stock Market Investing: Market action continues to revolve around the fallout from Friday’s employment data. Equity markets consolidate and precious metals take a breather. Yes, I wrote ‘take a breather’. Allow me to state unequivocally, we believe a dubious government supplied employment number lacks the power to end a Gold and Silver generational bull market. If you feel otherwise, please […]

Employment Report Weakness, Fed’s Pianalto & Rosengren Dovish Statements, Credit Markets Don’t Confirm Sell Off

The economic news continues to be terrible. The knee jerk reaction; sell off the equity markets run into U.S. treasuries. This type of action would only make sense to the person who ran directly from his cabin into the galley on the Titanic and felt he had gained safety. Furthermore, this fatuous trade into T-bonds has place a brainless bid […]