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Lending Falls, Bad Loans Haunt Big Banks, Mass Layoffs Surge, Greece vs California

The equity markets dropped on average 1.5% Monday and this morning another 1.5% decline is underway.  I mentioned, in A Review of the RCM Investment Strategy, the defensive posture we at RCM have taken. I said, “We have deployed our assets in a manner we feel most appropriate for the environment we are experiencing.” The following news items should help illustrate what […]

Sovereign Debt Spreads Widen on Greece/Portugal Worries, Equity/Commodity Markets Roiled, Fed Begins to Backtrack

The equity and commodity markets get rocked as Sovereign debt woes resurface. The burning question: Will the dramatic widening of credit spreads in Sovereign debt, beginning to resemble the CDS collapse of 2008 in the private sector, lead to a revisit of a 2008 type credit crisis and all the fallout associated with it?… Greece, Portugal woes intensify – WSJ […]

Initial Claims Disappoint Again, Failded Banks Weighing On FDIC, Calpers Takes Another Hit, Tishman Faces Office Downturn

The stories below offer further concrete evidence that major issues persist in the US economy. When making investment decisions, we prefer to place more weight behind this type of data than “leading” economic indicators the government likes to laud and CNBC types love to regurgitate. The rally in the US$ last week stalled this week right at the resistance of […]

Q2 EPS, LIBOR-OIS Spreads Narrow, July Retail Sales, Initail Jobless Claims

Second quarter earnings can be best characterized as light on revenue but strong on cost cutting, leading to better than expected EPS. The more positive bottom line results have helped fuel the equity market rally over the last couple of months. Meanwhile, Aug. 13 (Bloomberg) — The Libor–OIS spread narrowed to a level former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said […]