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Crypto vs Institutional Investors: What Issues Must Industry Players and Governments Address?

  By David Drake   Cryptocurrencies have captured the attention of a growing number of companies and institutions. The Dutch audit firm, KPMG, is among the latest firms to focus on cryptocurrencies. As one of the leading four global audit firms, KPMG launched a report that clearly shows digital assets are worth considering, but insist that institutionalization is key to […]

It’s Time To Give Those “Just Watching” Something Worthwhile To Look At

So, my daughter just accepted a role as a managing editor at her college newspaper. When I called to congratulate her, she sounded pretty anxious, “Well, you know what they say about running a newspaper, right? The managing part is easy. It’s the coming up with something interesting to say every single day part that’s hard.” Her comment got me […]

Eat, Sleep, Market Your Fund, Repeat

There’s no magic button to hit to learn how to ride a bike, drive a car, or play a new sport. No one becomes ‘good’ at their first attempt. Discipline and consistency are the keys to success in the honing of these new skills. In building Brand Awareness, discipline and consistency (and of course – good marketing) are often the […]

Anonymity, Hedge Funds and the Rise of “Brand”

  In the past Hedge Funds were mysterious, exotic things, whispered about in wood-paneled rooms. There was something stately about them, almost noble, their workings only understood by a select few. They numbered in the dozens. If you weren’t close enough to the situation to know about them, you didn’t have the chops to invest in them. Fast-forward three decades. A […]

Fundraising Doesn’t Have to Waste So Much Time

Football fans are painfully aware that the amount of actual play time in a 3+ hour NFL game is roughly just 11 minutes, according to a (slightly dated) WSJ article. Put another way, it’s 2 hours and 49 minutes of watching something other than football. Anyone that has ever attempted to raise a fund likely has experienced something very similar. […]

AlphaWeek Q&A: Challenges that private equity firms face in 2018 when it comes to raising money

**Article first published on: Alphaweek (https://goo.gl/8BySmf) AlphaWeek’s Greg Winterton spoke with Kyle Dunn, CEO, and David Allison, Director of Brand Strategy at Meyler Capital, a capital raising boutique based out of New York and Vancouver, about the challenges that private equity firms face in 2018 when it comes to raising money. GW: Kyle, David, to begin, what challenges are private […]

Too many managers ‘go-to-market’ without a plan

We frequently speak to fund managers that have already been actively marketing for some time, but have yet to gain much traction. Every manager has their own set of challenges to overcome in their quest to raise more capital, but one of these challenges can be attributed to a self-inflicted problem: ‘going-to-market’ without a strategic marketing plan. One can fall […]

Doing “What’s More Right” As An Asset Manager

Just a few days ago, Sears shut its doors permanently for its last store north of the American border. Sadly, the end of an era for one of the greatest success stories in American retail history. As recently as 50 years ago, the thick Sears catalog was every family’ go-to source for mail ordering anything from eyeglasses to bicycles, and, […]

Investment Managers Have No Windows

Investment Managers Have No Windows. All credit for this blog goes to Eli Combs.  Eli is one of the best fund raising specialists in the business: www.axisga.com. It was Eli who coined the phrase, “investment managers have no windows” – it is a particularly appropriate analogy for the hedge fund industry. He compares managers to car dealerships. I am assuming […]

The Four Most Important Words

The Four Most Important Words In Hedge Fund Marketing   Wasting no time:   Language Tools Technology Budget   If you embrace these four words, your marketing will improve and your AUM will increase.   Language Hedge funds have been using the same verbiage to describe themselves for a quarter century. The mystique and sexiness is gone. Eighty percent of […]

Which Hedge Fund Are You?

Which Hedge Fund Are You: Marketing Recommendations for 2018 This piece is designed to provide some marketing insight for Hedge Funds, regardless of their circumstance. THE UNTOUCHABLES Very large closed funds that are performing exceptionally well For this fortunate crew, marketing is still for lesser beings.   THE DEPENDABLES Very large funds with average performance that have not experienced heavy […]

What We Learned About Fund Marketing in 2017

The following is a rapid-fire account of what we learned about fund marketing in 2017. We hope it helps inform your efforts in 2018. In no particular order: There is the general sentiment that things are changing.   Value is attached to marketing technology. (Managers are beginning to realize that the awkward use of a CRM system is suboptimal.)   […]

The Single-Malt Hedge Fund

Combining a Great Strategy with a Strong Brand There’s a high concentration of Scotch distilleries in Scotland: over 100 fully-licensed operations on an island with a population of < 5.5M people. To put it in perspective, there are more Scotch whisky distilleries than there are McDonald’s outlets in Scotland. On top of that, there are plenty more start-up distilleries entering […]

The Best Sales Training Story… Ever

Have you watched The Wolf of Wall Street? There’s a scene in the movie where someone is asked to sell a pen. My story also involves a pen. This happened long before the movie came out. I was a young punk who thought he knew more than he did.  (Some would argue that the only difference between then and now […]

Liar Liar

I have been lying to clients for years – and now I am coming clean. Hi. My name is JD…and I am a liar. These are my colleagues – and they are liars, too. They are just too ashamed to admit it. Man, it feels good to get that off my chest! If this were one of those “little white” […]