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Capital Introduction Trends in 2010

Carbon360 has published the results of a survey they conducted over the past month entitled Capital Introduction Trends in 2010. Daniel Golyanov authored the report and asked for industry professionals to provide thoughts on future of the industry including which strategies would be popular in the near term future, where investors are based, and the evolution of the industry in the […]

Hedge Funds and Web 2.0 Strategies

  Evan Rapoport, founder and managing partner of HedgeCo Networks, is an expert on marketing hedge funds to investors. On his blog, he has been doing a series on using the internet to market hedge funds to investors. In the first piece of the series, he discussed creating websites that draw investors in without stepping in to the area of […]

Some See Banking Failures When Others Eye Banking Opportunities

  Lost in the shuffle of the recent economic crisis, American financial institutions now have the opportunity to service clients of their now-failed counterparts. No where has this been more evident than the world of hedge fund prime brokerage. When Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns failed, the rest of the banking industry went into defense mode and began to cut […]

Fund of Hedge Funds Industry Shrinks But Still Strong

 HedgeFund Intelligence’s Press Release from today states that the fund of funds industry shrank by $95 billion in the first half of 2009 but still manages $735 billion.  This represents a decline of 11.4 percent in assets under management (AUM).  Firms with more than $1 billion in AUM manage a combined $613 billion.  According to HedgeFund Intelligence, 18 fund of […]

Investment Bank Programmers on the Most Wanted List

  By now, I think most people have heard about the ex-Goldman software programmer who was arrested in July for allegedly stealing some of Goldman’s high-frequency trading software code. I am not a criminologist or legal expert, nor am I a software expert that could tell you if accidentally sending small pieces of the code while sending other software to […]

Pension Funds Side with Hedge Funds over EU

Reuters reports British pension funds are joining the battle against European Union’s proposed regulations on the hedge fund and alternative investment universe. The National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF) and a director at Hermes, manager of the largest corporate scheme in Britain, said the rules could restrict investment choices and returns, further affecting the ability of pension funds to provide ample […]

Fund of Hedge Funds: Top 50

Philippa Aylmer, contributing editor to The Hedge Fund Journal, writes, “If the last decade could be described as the biggest credit party ever, then the end of 2008 brought the mother of all hangovers. The hedge fund industry took a beating along with much else in the financial services sector and funds of hedge funds felt their share of the […]

Long/Short Mutual Funds

  The market downturn last year has led mutual funds to begin testing new strategies to produce gains with lower risk. Many managers are trying to replicate the methods used by long/short hedge fund managers. By finding negatively correlated positions, fund managers are able to offset losses with gains from other assets in the portfolio.   “130/30” Funds “130/30” funds […]

Emerging Markets Show True Colors During Global Slowdown

Emerging markets have seen explosive growth over the past decade, but with the recent contraction in the global economy, investors have a chance to look at real growth in individual markets. There is no doubt in my mind that the boom over the past couple of years in some countries were due to insatiable investors overbuying in whatever country the […]

Five Interesting Topics on the HedgeCo Q & A Board

 The HedgeCo Q & A Board provides a forum for parties interested in the hedge fund industry to share information. Questions range from people trying to understand what makes hedge fund different from mutual funds to how to calculate complex statistics for portfolio performance. Here is a summary of five of the most popular questions.  Every industry has its excesses. […]