Hedge Funds and Web 2.0 Strategies


Evan Rapoport, founder and managing partner of HedgeCo Networks, is an expert on marketing hedge funds to investors. On his blog, he has been doing a series on using the internet to market hedge funds to investors.

In the first piece of the series, he discussed creating websites that draw investors in without stepping in to the area of generally soliciting clients. Basically, it’s important to have a website that is well put together and discusses the key aspects of the fund company and absolutely nothing about the actual hedge fund.

In the next article, he talks about the benefits of listing hedge funds on a hedge fund database. These hedge fund databases have access to thousands of accredited investors, and as such, your hedge fund can be viewed by many more potential clients at one time than anywhere else.

Over the next week, he is going to dole out advice on using blogs and social networking sites to increase visibility and making your new visibility effective as a marketing tool.

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