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Aaron Wormus works as the Managing Director of Website Creation at HedgeCo Networks and has worked with HedgeCo since the end of 2004. Prior to working with HedgeCo Networks, Aaron managed a private consulting firm based in Frankfurt, Germany. During this time he worked implementing back-end systems for clients ranging from telecommunications companies to mining companies and Silicon Valley software distributors. Aaron Wormus is a published author who has studied Information Technology and Journalism in Finland. His written work has been published in various technology magazines, translated into 5 European languages, as well as published book. Aaron regularly speaks at PHP Programming conferences, and is involved in the organization of his local technology user group.

HedgeCo Feature Update: Receive email notices of HedgeCo.Net fund updates

The HedgeCo technical team is constantly at work developing new features for our users. Our most recent feature roll-out includes brand new functionality in our watch list, fund comparison and search features. It has always been a goal of HedgeCo to get investors information on funds as soon as it becomes available. To further this goal, our new system emails […]

Read Steven Cohen’s SAC Capital Federal Indictment

SAC indictment document by CNBC

Right Wing Talk Show Host George Jarkesy Charged by the SEC in Hedge Fund Fraud Case

George Jarkesy, the 37-year-old Nationally Syndicated right-wing talk show host turned Hedge Fund manager was charged by the SEC on March 23rd for Fraud in his Hedge Fund. In his radio show George Jarkesy proclaims himself as a “Defender of Capitalism”, and rails against the government manipulating the market to the hurt of investors. Ironically the SEC is charging Jarkesy and […]

HedgeCo Networks announces Hedge Fund Job Board on

HedgeCo Networks is dedicated to providing the hedge fund industry with products which are specifically tailored to fit the needs of the industry. Over the last 8 years, we have managed the premier Hedge Fund Employment website which has serviced thousands of firms in the financial industry, enabling them to post employment opportunities and find qualified personnel. HedgeCo is now […]

Amateur boxer Eric Kelly charges $95/hr to beat up Wall Street brokers

After a hard day of trading, there are few things better than getting your frusteration out in the boxing gym down the road from where you work. Eric Kelly, at Church Street Boxing gym counts on it. The amature boxing champion, makes his living verbally and physically beating up Wall Street traders after hours and they pay him $95/hr for […]

You say Taco Bell I say Chipotle

Executives at Chipotle are no doubt scratching their heads today, wondering what they did to cause $730 Million get sliced off of their market cap at 11:14 in Thursday morning trading. As the Wall Street Journal put it “You’ve been Einhorned.” Hedge Fund Manager, David Einhorn was speaking to Value Investing Congress, when he panned Chipotle stock suggesting that “Less […]

Facebook IPO – Live Blog

Happy Friday. As in many of the large tech IPOs, many of us tend to spend most of the day keeping up with the news as it breaks.  To help us all keep up with it, I will be running a live blog and posting updates as they break. Enjoy! Facebook opens at $42 as a 13% pop! Will BONO […]

How to Steer Clear of Unprincipled Advisors and Fraudsters

Guest Post by: By Neil Behrmann Be very careful if you recently retired or came into money and you’re looking for a safe investment. You could be a very attractive target for a crook. Once your money is gone, it can be impossible to get it back. Mass Market Fraud Mass Market Fraud is a type of fraud which aims to […]

Hedge Fund Managers Beware the New Ides of March

This guest blog entry was submitted to us by McGladrey & Pullen financial services Once again the onus has been put on the financial community to be the eyes, ears and to a lesser extent an enforcement arm for various governmental agencies with respect to foreign investment by US persons and entities. Faced with the prospect that the previously announced  mandatory […]

Know Your Investment Partners — Frederic Bourke, The Pirate of Prague, Omega Advisors and the FCPA

This week we have a guest post by Matthew Reinhard, Member at law firm Miller & Chevalier The tale of hand-bag mogul, turned Azerbaijan oil-speculator, turned felon, Frederic Bourke came to an end in mid-December when the Second Circuit Court of Appeals sustained his conviction on conspiracy to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”) and other charges.  The next day […]