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Merrill Lynch to Pay $415 Million for Misusing Customer Cash and Putting Customer Securities at Risk
Jun 24 - (HedgeCO.NET) — The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced that Merrill Lynch has agreed to pay $415 million and admit wrongdoing to settle charges that it misused customer cash to generate profits for the firm and failed to safegua

SEC Sues UK-Based Trader for Account Intrusion Scheme
Jun 23 - (HedgeCo.Net) — The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced it has obtained an emergency court order to freeze the assets of a United Kingdom resident charged with intruding into the online brokerage accounts of U.S. investors to mak
Kyle Dunn on the Benzinga Pre-Marketing Morning Show
By: Meyler Capital
Meyler Capital CEO Kyle Dunn joined the PreMarket Show on Benzinga to discuss the impact of marketing and branding on the capital raising process. You can access a recording of the show via the image below, or by clicking HERE.  

Don’t Let Your Message Get Derailed
By: Meyler Capital
There’s been a train wreck. No lives were lost, but a presentation was mangled, an ego was bruised, and a prospective relationship is in critical condition.  Here’s how it happened. Even though you’re the one doing the reading,

Senior Partner / CIO / Director of Illiquid Investments
RueOne Investments - New York, NY
RueOne Investments is a New York based FinTech company founded by experienced hedge fund executives. We are revolutionizing the way accredited and institutional investors gain access to alternative assets.
Asset Management Attorney
Sam LaManna Legal Search - Washington, D.C.
The Washington, D.C. office of this major international law firm is seeking to hire an associate with 2+ years of Asset Management experience. The work would focus on the formation, operation and regulation of investment funds including hedge and...
Structured Products & Derivatives Attorney
Sam LaManna Legal Search - New York, N.Y.
Premier national law firm is seeking to hire an associate with 2+ years of Structured Products and Derivatives experience to join its' preeminent practice in this area. The firm's clients include top tier investment banks and other institutions....
Hedge Fund/Private Equity Fund Associate
Sam LaManna Legal Search - New York, N.Y.
Premier international law firm in New York City has immediate openings for associates with 2+ years of experience in the formation, operation and regulation of hedge and private equity funds. The Firm offers a top tier client base, collegial...
Hedge Fund Analyst
Midtown Hedge Fund - New York, NY
Hedge fund backed by family office seeks experienced analyst. Sub $100 mil equity long/short, fundamental, long biased fund has a very long time horizon and holding period.
More Jobs
July 6th, 2016
Location: Hong Kong
Hedge Fund Emerging and Startup Manager, TBC

July 14th, 2016
Location: New York City
Cap Intro: Real Estate Fund Investing

  1. July 18th, 2016
    Public Funds Summit East, Newport Mar...
  2. July 18th, 2016
    Family Office & Private Wealth Manage...
  3. July 21st, 2016
  4. August 17th, 2016
  5. September 1st, 2016


HedgeCoVest Composite Models

HedgeCoVest utilizes a proprietary algorithm that filters the securities of all participating fund managers and considers a number of factors to create the HedgeCoVest Composite Models.

Because the Replicazor is creating the HedgeCoVest Composite Models based on the dynamic portfolios of third-party fund managers, and additional managers will be added to the platform, past performance is not indicative of future performance.
Last updated: Friday 24th of June 2016 04:00:00 PM
Index Name YTD Avg. Ann. Return Correlation to S&P Std Dev
HedgeCoVest Basic Materials Long 34.41% 9.41% 0.55 27.96%
HedgeCoVest Pharmaceuticals Short 24.14% -3.02% -0.51 31.14%
HedgeCoVest Basic Materials LS 14.52% 19.72% -0.4 15.93%
HedgeCoVest Consumer Short 8.92% 10.51% -0.64 26.16%
HedgeCoVest Technology LS 4.49% 0.60% 0.35 8.04%
HedgeCoVest REITS Long 4.34% 0.95% 0.47 13.72%
HedgeCoVest Industrial Long 2.62% -2.59% 0.88 17.40%
HedgeCoVest Aerospace/Defense LS 2.52% 1.28% 0.8 12.30%
HedgeCoVest Energy & Utilities Long 1.65% -22.59% 0.71 24.10%
HedgeCoVest Technology Long 0.75% -3.12% 0.82 19.33%
HedgeCoVest Industrial LS 0.70% 5.55% 0.47 4.98%
HedgeCoVest Technology Short 0.47% -3.31% -0.83 20.36%
HedgeCoVest Consumer Long -0.38% 2.65% 0.89 10.41%
HedgeCoVest REITS LS -0.52% -1.23% 0.11 10.22%
HedgeCoVest Consumer LS -0.74% 3.69% 0.74 5.11%
HedgeCoVest Financials LS -0.99% -0.32% 0.83 5.57%
HedgeCoVest 250 Long -1.31% -7.98% 0.87 15.06%
HedgeCoVest Financials Short -1.69% 0.92% -0.86 20.69%
HedgeCoVest 500 LS -2.29% 0.15% 0.93 6.90%
HedgeCoVest Energy & Utilities LS -2.84% -8.96% 0.15 6.20%
HedgeCoVest Pharmaceuticals LS -3.74% 0.43% 0.46 9.41%
HedgeCoVest 250 Short -3.96% 0.95% -0.89 17.77%
HedgeCoVest Financials Long -5.76% -4.58% 0.9 14.14%
HedgeCoVest Biotechnology LS -9.82% -12.88% 0.19 15.56%
HedgeCoVest Industrial Short -10.33% -0.71% -0.79 18.35%
HedgeCoVest Pharmaceuticals Long -11.67% 2.15% 0.64 18.09%
HedgeCoVest Basic Materials Short -12.23% 6.36% -0.66 24.71%
HedgeCoVest Energy & Utilities Short -20.00% -1.50% -0.56 29.26%
HedgeCoVest Biotechnology Long -23.48% -18.51% 0.41 24.54%

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