How to Go On Interviews While You’re Still Employed

When looking for work, unemployed job seekers do not have to hide their search for a new gig. More often than not, it is better to loudly tell the world that they are currently looking for work. The more people they talk to, the more doors that will be opened.

On the other hand, job seekers that are still employed must find a way to carefully navigate their current employer. This is no easy task, particularly when it comes to going on interviews. But it is a task that must be completed successfully in order to avoid a tricky (if not awful) situation.

One of the more secretive elements of a job search is the interview. If it is impossible to conduct the interview after hours or during lunch, the job seeker must find a way to fit it into his or her current schedule.

“In a situation such as this, the candidate does need to discuss it with the potential boss,” Skip Freeman, author of “Headhunter” Hiring Secrets: The Rules of the Hiring Game Have Changed . . . Forever!, told StreetID. Freeman said that it is important to take the “professional and appropriate first step” in checking with the potential employer’s availability.

If the employer cannot conduct the interview before or after work, and if it is impossible to conduct it during lunch, Freeman said that the candidate should “take a half-day of work off if he really wants a shot at the opportunity.”

“Some companies don’t require anybody to say anything,” he said. “The employee just submits a request through human resources and it’s done. Other companies do ask for a reason. In that case I would say, ‘family situation.’ Because, unless Bob is not married, it is a family situation. He’s trying to better himself and his career in regard to providing for and taking care of his family.”

If the candidate is single, then “the only thing that could be said without lying is, ‘personal situation.’”

“Obviously never tell your boss you’re going on a job interview but one should not lie either,” said Freeman. “One is never required to give their employer the personal details of their life so ‘family situation’ is appropriately vague without showing the cards in your hand and also without lying.”

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