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Elliott Management leader digs heels in on acquisition of Argentine Vessel

New York (HedgeCo.Net) – Paul Singer, the billionaire manager of Elliot Management, has opened up to his investors about the details surrounding the acquisition of the Argentinian vessel ARA Libertad. In an investor letter obtained by the NY Post, Singer […]

Teen Fashion Retailer Wet Seal Acts like a Teenager in Response to Clinton Partners acting like a Hedge Fund

New York (HedgeCo.Net) – You would think that a teen-focused retailer that has Carly Rae Jepson as a “spokesmodel” is used to dealing with drama. This week, South Florida based retailer, Wet Seal, focused their teenage angst onto hedge fund Clinton Partners. The kerfuffle began when […]

Do Hedge Fund Managers really Love Mitt Romney and Hate Obama?

New York (HedgeCo.Net) – In her piece in The New Yorker, Chrystia Freeland asks why do Bilionaires feel victimized by Barack Obama. Weighing in on the topic over the weekend, bloggers have been speculating on whether Hedge Fundies are rooting […]

Hedge Fund Clients Redeem $2.6 Billion From Man

New York ( – Hedge fund giant Man Group said its assets fell by $6 billion as shares dropped nearly 22% yesterday after investors pulled $2.6 billion from its funds.  Man said it expects headline pre-tax profits to have fallen from $227 million […]

Darling’s 50% tax sends tycoons to Switzerland

Evening Standard – London’s rich hedge fund managers and private equity executives will quit the UK in droves ahead of the 50% top tax rate next spring. That is the news from City tax advisers who say they have never […]

Hedge funds shut out as banks win IMO

Times Online – A group of banks that financed the £450 million leveraged buy-out (LBO) of car wash group IMO will take control of the struggling business leaving a rival group of hedge fund investors with nothing. In a High […]

EU Law May Cost Pension Industry Billions of Euros, AIMA Claims

Bloomberg – The European Union’s plan to regulate hedge funds will cost the bloc’s pension industry about 25 billion euros ($36 billion) a year, the Alternative Investment Management Association said. The proposed law would drive pension funds toward more traditional […]

Delphi Favors Bid from Lenders

Private Equity Hub – A group of hedge funds that provided bankruptcy funding to Delphi Corp on Monday won a high-stakes auction to take control of the auto parts supplier, scuttling a rival deal brokered by the Obama administration. Delphi’s […]

David Prosser: At last, some good news for hedge funds

The Independent – Grimly aware that a European Commission crackdown on regulation of hedge funds and private equity spells disaster for the EU’s predominantly London-based industry, Treasury ministers have been desperately lobbying their counterparts in Brussels for months, but their […]

US enters Europe’s fund debate

The Australian – The move wades the US into a fierce battle between the UK and other parts of Europe over how tough regulation should be. Some nations, led by Germany and France, are calling for wholesale regulation of financial […]

Calpers Hopes Riskier Bets Will Restore Its Health

Javno – Calpers lost nearly $60 billion in the financial markets last year, which means it has a serious long-term shortfall. Joseph A. Dear, the fund’s new invesment head, thinks the cure is in hedge funds and beaten-down private equity. […]

Investment Firms’ Donations May Be Curbed – The Securities and Exchange Commission unanimously endorsed the proposal amid widening investigations of so-called pay-to-play donations by private equity and hedge fund executives who jockey for lucrative fees to manage some of the more than $2.2 trillion in […]