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Credit Suisse to Pay Nearly $475 Million to U.S. Authorities to Resolve Charges in Connection with Mozambican Bond Offerings

(HedgeCo.Net) Credit Suisse Group AG has agreed to pay nearly $475 million to U.S. and U.K authorities, including nearly $100 million to the Securities and Exchange Commission, for fraudulently misleading investors and violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) in […]

SEC Releases Report on Equity and Options Market Structure Conditions in Early 2021

(HedgeCo.Net) The Securities and Exchange Commission has published a Staff Report on Equity and Options Market Structure Conditions in Early 2021, which focuses on the January 2021 trading activity of GameStop Corp (GME), the most famous of the “meme stocks.” Because the […]

SEC Awards $40 Million to Two Whistleblowers

(HedgeCo.Net) The Securities and Exchange Commission has announced awards of approximately $40 million to two whistleblowers whose information and assistance contributed to the success of an SEC enforcement action. The first whistleblower, whose information caused the opening of the investigation […]

SEC Modernizes Filing Fee Disclosure and Payment Methods

(Hedgeco.Net) The Securities and Exchange Commission today adopted amendments to modernize filing fee disclosure and payment methods. Operating companies and investment companies (funds) pay filing fees when engaging in certain transactions, including registered securities offerings, tender offers, and mergers and […]

CFTC Orders Cargill to Pay $750,000 for Swap Reporting Failures and Failure to Supervise

(HedgeCo.Net) The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has issued an order simultaneously filing and settling charges against Cargill Inc., a provisionally registered swap dealer doing business through its Cargill Risk Management business unit, for failing to comply with its reporting obligations […]

CFTC Charges North Carolina Companies and Their Owners in $1 Million Foreign Currency Fraud and Misappropriation Scheme

(HedgeCo.Net) The Commodity Futures Trading Commission announced today that it filed a civil enforcement action in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of North Carolina, charging defendants Storm Bryant and Elijah Bryant, III  of Los Angeles, California and […]

SEC Obtains Emergency Relief Freezing Assets and Halting an Alleged Ongoing Investment Advisory Fraud

(HedgeCo.Net) According to the SEC’s complaint, filed on September 30, 2021 in the United States District Court for the Central District of California, Ron Harrison fraudulently collected over $900,000 in performance and other fees from twenty-two clients since 2016. The […]

SEC Obtains Final Judgment Against Long Island Investment Professional Charged with Defrauding Investors

(HedgeCo.Net) The United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York has entered a final judgment against Steven Pagartanis, an East Setauket, New York resident whom the SEC alleged defrauded investors. The SEC’s complaint, filed May 30, 2018, […]

SEC Charges Investment Adviser, Affiliated Broker-Dealer and Their President for False and Misleading Statements and Omissions

(HedgeCo.Net) The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged Laguna Niguel, California-based TCFG Investment Advisors, LLC (TCFG), TCFG’s affiliated broker-dealer TCFG Wealth Management, LLC (TCFG Wealth), and Richard James Roberts – their CEO, president, and managing member – with making materially […]

SEC Charges Rogue Trader Who Bankrupted His Firm

(HedgeCo.Net) The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged Keith A. Wakefield, a former managing director and head of fixed income trading at IFS Securities, Inc., an Atlanta-based broker-dealer, with causing millions of dollars of losses through unauthorized trading in fixed […]

Webcast Host Charged for Role in Market Manipulation Scheme

(HedgeCo.Net) The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged Mark Melnick, the host of a stock trading webcast, for spreading more than 100 false rumors about public companies in order to generate illicit profits. The SEC previously charged Barton Ross for […]

SEC Charges Former Executives of Registered Investment Adviser with Fraud

(HedgeCo.Net) The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged Robert D. Press, the former CEO of the advisory firm TCA Fund Management Group Corp., and Donna M. Silverman, TCA’s former chief portfolio manager, for their roles in the firm’s scheme to […]