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Global Fund Managers Have Antipodal Views On China, Are Emerging Market Fans

(Reuters) China is off limits for some of the world’s big investment managers because of its corporate governance and policy issues while for others, the technological advances in the world’s second biggest economy offer unbeatable opportunities.One of the most notable […]

A Hedge Fund Manager Committed Fraud. Would the US Let Him Go?

(New York Times) Forty inmates lined up for the daily mail call at the Fort Dix Federal Correctional Institution, a complex of low-slung brick buildings in the middle of New Jersey. It was July 2012, and one of the inmates […]

These Venezuela-Dedicated Hedge Funds Lost Faith in Their Bond Bets

(Bloomberg) It may be in their name, but Venezuelan-dedicated hedge funds aren’t so dedicated to Venezuela anymore. Even the boldest money managers are losing hope that the oil-rich nation can keep servicing its debt. Russ Dallen, who oversees the Venezuela […]

Advice to Hedge Fund Managers on Attracting, Retaining Investors

(All About Alpha) Managers may need such advice, because the investors surveyed said they are more likely to decrease allocations to hedge funds in the next three years than they are to increase them. Further, 30% of the investors said […]

Latest Tax Plan Would Hit Activist Funds Hardest

(The Street.com) The latest approach to carried interest is bad news for activists like Bill Ackman and Jeff Smith. But Stephen Schwarzman just can’t stop smiling…. To read this article:

A $423bn Investor Explains Why Tech Stocks Are Defying A Warning Sign

(The Business Insider) Measures of valuation like the cyclically adjusted price-earnings ratio show that stocks are as expensive as they were during the dotcom bubble. But this time it’s different, tech valuations can be justified, according to Jim McCaughan, CEO […]

Delivering Negative Alpha

(Seeking Alpha) There are more Hedge Funds in the world than Dunkin Donuts. What does that statement have to do with negative alpha? Everything. Too many funds + similar strategies + limited opportunity set + high fees = underwhelming returns. […]

HSBC Calls Banker’s $2.4m Bonus Suit a Waste of Time

(Bloomberg) A former HSBC Holdings Plc banker filed a lawsuit after being told he couldn’t have his bonus because he helped clients cheat on their taxes. The bank responded by counter-suing him for wasting its time…. To read this article:

Marvell Technology Clinches Roughly $6bn Deal To Buy Cavium

(Reuters) Chipmaker Marvell Technology Group Ltd (MRVL.O) has agreed to acquire smaller peer Cavium Inc (CAVM.O) for around $6 billion, as it seeks to expand in the networking equipment sector, people familiar with the matter said on Sunday. The deal […]

Ivy League Performance – Competing With Top Tier Endowments Can Be Done

(Harvest) The latest performance numbers of Ivy League endowments have been nicely displayed in the chart below along with the 60/40 stock/bond portfolio. Since the development of the “endowment” model associated with Yale and the attention on Harvard, the largest […]

Self-Driving Vehicles: Evaluating the Possible Impacts

(Harvest) The race to develop truly autonomous vehicles continues to pick up speed. Not only are passenger cars in the race, but also trucks and buses. Autonomous vehicle technology truly holds the potential to reshape many industries, in ways we […]

A Most Unusual Cycle – The Shrinking of the High-Yield Market

(Harvest) Along with many asset classes, so-called “junk” bonds are experiencing a year of unparalleled tranquility. Indeed, the Bank of America U.S. High Yield Index is trading in the tightest spread range of the past 20 years, with a high-to-low […]

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