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Virtually No Institutional Investors Are Happy With Activist Hedge Funds Right Now

(Bloomberg) The ongoing squabble between billionaire hedge fund luminaries William Ackman and Carl Icahn over Herbalife Ltd. distracts from a large warning sign for activist managers…The August edition of Prequin’s Hedge Fund Spotlight shows that 100 percent of institutional investors […]

Hedge Fund Industry Sees Net Outflows of USD34 Billion in First Half

(Hedgeweek) The hedge fund industry saw net outflows of USD34 billion over the first half of 2016, with the majority of outflows (USD20 billion) occurring in the second quarter, according to Preqin. As a result, as of 30 June 2016 […]

Wall Street Redoubles Fight to Manage $100 Billion at Endowments

(Bloomberg) Helping endowments manage their investments has grown into an almost $100 billion business that’s attracted stiff competition from banks, consultants and boutiques. Almost 80 investment firms have sprung up to target foundations, family offices and colleges, up from just […]

Why They Did It: Madoff and Enron’s Fastow Explain the Biggest Frauds in U.S. History

(Bloomberg) Why do business executives—people who already possess status and wealth—commit financial crimes? Eugene Soltes offers some interesting theories in his new book, Why They Do It: Inside the Mind of the White-Collar Criminal, including the notion that many senior […]

Williams Names 3 Directors Amid Fight with Activist Corvex

(Reuters) Pipeline company Williams Cos Inc (WMB.N) added three new directors to its board on Monday as it works to fend off an attempt by activist hedge fund Corvex Management to replace all of the company’s directors. Williams said on […]

How Are Leading Companies Adapting to a Low Return World?

(Harvest) A hallmark to our investment approach is we invest in high-moat businesses with sustainable earnings power that have the capacity to reinvest and really it’s this dynamic, the capacity to reinvest, that has been capturing our attention more and […]

Apple’s Day of Reckoning Comes With Billion-Euro Tax Risk

(Bloomberg) The European Union is expected to conclude Tuesday that Ireland provided Apple Inc. with illegal aid through a favorable tax arrangement, a decision that may cost the iPhone maker billions of euros and stir concern among hundreds of other […]

Hedge fund boss Hugh Hendry sees new era for entrepreneurs

(Yahoo Finance) The next 20 years may usher in a new age of growth for entrepreneurship – but that said, hedge fund boss Hugh Hendry is careful not to sound bullish about the stock market. Hendry, the founding partner of […]

Banks Are Preparing For An ‘Economic Nuclear Winter’

(HITC Business) The first half of 2016 has been a roller-coaster for financial markets. A combination of uncertainties surrounding the U.K.’s vote to leave the European Union and weaker-than-expected corporate earnings results across the region means a tough second half […]

Want a Hedge Fund Job? Knowing About Wavelets Improves Your Odds

(Bloomberg) Job seekers with MBAs or experience as securities analysts no longer jump to the front of the hiring line. But if you’re nimble with partial differential equations or wavelets, hedge funds want you. Hedge funds that have relied on […]

Ex-BlueCrest PM Makita Said to be Planning New Hedge Fund

(Fin Alternatives) Former BlueCrest portfolio manager Takashi Makita is reportedly planning to launch a new systematic hedge fund manager that will focus on volatility-related opportunities. To read this article:

Gemini Managed Account Platform Surpasses $500M in AUM

(Fin Alternatives) Invested assets aboard Gemini Alternative Funds’ Galaxy Plus managed account platform have crested $500 million as of this month, the company has disclosed. To read this article:

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