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A Rare Look At How Insider Trading Works

(CBS News) Roomy Khan helped the government bring down one of the world’s largest hedge funds – the Galleon Group – and send its billionaire cofounder, Raj Rajaratnam, to prison. Roomy Khan’s story reveals how she got involved in insider […]

Nontraditional Bond Funds: The Best and Worst of April

(Daily ALts) Nontraditional Bond Funds The Best and Worst of AprilNontraditional bond mutual funds and ETFs posted a second straight month of gains in April, with the average fund returning +1.39% on the heels of March’s 1.69% gains. For the […]

Hedge Funds Move Back Into Momentum Stocks

(Bloomberg) Bloomberg’s Dani Burger reports on why hedge funds are piling into the same shares that zapped their returns at the start of the year. To read this article:

The Hunt to Beat Hedge Funds

(Bloomberg) If investors want to win big in the current market, they need to be prepared to do a lot of work. Otherwise, they might as well just go to Las Vegas and try their luck at the tables.Just consider […]

Looking For Yield in all the Right Places

(Harvest) In a world of low and in some cases negative interest rates, investors continue to struggle to find yield. As such, they still find themselves in an all too familiar place: Accept less income, or take on more risk […]

Hedge Funds That Choked on Momentum Stocks Taking Another Bite

(Gulf News) Hedge funds are piling into the same shares that zapped their returns at the start of the year. They just added momentum stocks for a fifth consecutive quarter, according to an Evercore ISI analysis of 13F filings with […]

Top Hedge Fund Sees Solar Power Viability, Profitability Around The Corner

(Valuewalk.com) The naysayers regarding solar power have always made one accurate point: the technological cost effectiveness was not the same as cheap burning coal or other carbon emitting sources. Government investing in “green energy” was a boondoggle that will never […]

Denmark’s Biggest IPO in Decades Seen Feeding Currency Hedge Bet

(Bloomberg) What looks set to become Denmark’s biggest initial public offering in more than a decade may add to pressure on the krone at a time when the exchange rate is already testing levels last seen during a 2015 speculative […]

Why Hedge Funds Are Fleeing The Stock Market

(The Business Insider) Hedge funds sold a lot of stock in the first quarter of 2016. “The top 50 hedge funds sold off US equities for the second consecutive quarter. Funds unloaded nearly $55 billion worth of shares in U.S. […]

DC Plans Should Emulate DB Plan Principles

(Daily Alts) DC Plans Should Emulate DB Plan PrinciplesThe buy-and-hold, “60/40” portfolio strategy was designed for a different era. In the 1950s, an American worker had a reasonable expectation of staying with one employee for his entire career, and receiving […]

Why Finance Is Too Important To Leave To The Bankers And Hedge Fund Managers

(The Huffington Post) The world is heating up. As two important measuring stations sit at the point of no return, it is clear that we are entering an era when global concentrations of carbon dioxide will never again dip below […]

Lansdowne’s Equity Hedge Funds Said to Pare Losses This Month

(Bloomberg) Three equity hedge funds operated by Lansdowne Partners LP posted gains in the first two weeks of this month after failing to make any money in April, according to a person familiar with the situation. The $11 billion Lansdowne […]

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