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Hedgie shrewdly pulled assets from Greece ahead of crisis

(New York Post) Desperate Greeks lined up at ATMs on Monday to withdraw up to the maximum $67 limit as the nation’s debt crisis careened towards disaster. Click here to read the full article.

Bill Gross: Here’s what could trigger a ‘run on the shadow banks’

(CNBC) Bill Gross thinks conditions are ripe for a significant liquidity crisis in the markets, and he points a finger at his old firm for its potential to be at the center of the storm. Click here to read the […]

Puerto Rico Creditors Said To Be Drawing Battle Lines As Default Looms

(Bloomberg) A group of more than 35 hedge funds has gone from standing ready to pour more than a billion dollars into cash-strapped Puerto Rico to preparing for battle against the island territory — and one another — in a […]

Wilbur Ross, Hedge Fund Greenlight Capital Still Holds Greek Exposure

(Reuters) Contrarian investor Wilbur Ross was sanguine about the situation in Greece, where he has invested heavily in one of the country’s largest banks. “We think eventually it comes around,” Ross said on CNBC Monday morning. Asked if that could […]

Alternative Investment Growth To Boom In The Next Five Years

(Reuters) The alternative investment industry, which includes hedge funds, private equity and real assets, is expected to grow fivefold to at least $13.6 trillion in the next half decade, professional services firm PwC said in a report released on Sunday. […]

U.S. Probes $12.7 Trillion Treasury Market

(Bloomberg) The U.S. federal probe that ended last month with guilty pleas and $6 billion in fines from global banks began with an open secret — that currency traders there could talk to each other to coordinate trades. Now, the […]

Panic Sets In Among Hedge Fund Investors Remaining in Greece

(New York Times) For investors around the world looking at Greece, there was but one question Sunday: What is going to happen when the markets open? On Sunday night, the prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, said in a televised address that […]

Greek Debt Crisis: Banks TO Remain Shut All Week

(BBC) The Greek government has confirmed that banks will be closed all week, after a decision by the European Central Bank not to extend emergency funding.In a decree, it cited the “extremely urgent” need to protect the financial system due […]

Qbasis Gets $200 Million-Plus Investment in Black Swan Hedge Fund

(Reuters) A hedge fund that more than doubled clients’ money during the 2008 financial crisis has attracted more than $200 million from an investor aiming to cash in on fresh ructions in global markets. Qbasis Invest has secured the investment […]

Private Equity Firms Get Cybersecurity Wake Up Call

(Buyouts Insider) Private equity professionals who thought they had cybersecurity risks under control may be in for a jolt after this week’s release of the summer 2015 edition of Connections in the Middle Market, produced in partnership by law firm […]

Why A Hedge Fund Manager Is Betting Big On Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac

(Motley Fool) Over the past year and a half, famed activist investor Bill Ackman has built a massive long position in two of the most derided companies in the U.S.: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac . These two government-sponsored entities […]

Elliot Continues Criticism of Cheil Industries Samsung Deal

(Reuters) U.S. activist hedge fund Elliott continued its public campaign against the proposed $8 billion merger of two Samsung Group companies on Friday, questioning the basis for the projected financial performance of the combined entity. To See this Article: www.reuters.com

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