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Exhilway Exits “Risky” Hedge Fund Business, Reassigns Funds

Global MoneyNew York (HedgeCo.Net) – Global hedge fund player since 1974, Exhilway, has exited its “risky” hedge fund business in Australia and is starting up a new market neutral hedge fund focusing on the United States and Europe, as well as the emerging markets of Morocco, Hungary, India, Brazil and China.

The hedge fund manager now plans to focus on investing in global indices and a few handpicked stocks with a focus on long term appreciation rather than mere trading. Exhilway plans to launch several private equity funds, mutual funds and exchange traded funds to attract global investors.

“The index funds are generally considered to be a low cost funds since they carry negligible expenses of commissions and spreads.” Exhilway said in a statement, “The index funds in a long term generate better returns than an actively managed portfolio; the transactions are believed to be transparent and investor can keep a better check on their returns. The index funds are globally endorsed by investment experts like Warren Buffett, Charles Schwab and several Nobel laureates. The index funds has seen global investments to the tune of US $2.5 trillion in the last three years.”

After this deal, the global AUM of Exhilway has come down to US $21.70 million catering to less than 10 high net worth investors from UAE. However, undisclosed pension funds are committing to invest up to US $3 billion in the newly planned index strategies. The talks are in the final stages and may be announced by the last quarter this year.

Exhilway plans to build an AUM of US $10 billion in the next three years.

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