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David Einhorn, still a hedge fund rock star

FierceFinance – David Einhorn, the head of Greenlight Capital, caused quite a stir at the Ira W. Sohn Investment Research Conference last year. He made it known that he was shorting Lehman Brothers, which was trading at $60 at the […]

Assets For Hedge-Fund Launches Fell In ’08

Absolute Return – Assets for new hedge-fund launches fell "significantly" in the U.S. last year as hedge funds had their worst-ever year of performance, according to hedge-fund magazine Absolute Return. "With these results, it’s no surprise that 2008 is being […]

Hedge Fund Whiz Einhorn Jumps on the Gold Wagon

BusinessWeek – With the price of gold racing higher over the past two months, more investors are coming around to the notion that the precious metal may be the best option to protect against a possible economic catastrophe. Among the […]