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Precious Metals Surge as Investors Buy Gold, Hedge Against Inflation

New York (HedgeCo.net) – In a Sunday Times article this weekend, Bryan Collings, who manages the Investment Fund for Ingnis International Hexam Global Emerging Markets, predicted an increase in the price of precious metals of 25% over the next 18 […]

Hedge fund eyes gold at $1,600

Reuters – The price of gold could rise as high as $1,600 an ounce as investors opt for assets with lasting value rather than volatile currencies, says one hedge fund manager who has increased his exposure to the precious metal. […]

Hedge Fund Whiz Einhorn Jumps on the Gold Wagon

BusinessWeek – With the price of gold racing higher over the past two months, more investors are coming around to the notion that the precious metal may be the best option to protect against a possible economic catastrophe. Among the […]

Historic closure of gold shops in Bangkok’s Chinatown

Thai News Agency MCOT – Gold traders in Bangkok’s Chinatown closed their doors at their peak annual sales period for their shops during the Chinese New Year for the first time on record due to the high fluctuation of gold […]