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Andrew Lo On New Challenges For Investors

U.S. News & World Report – Andrew Lo, hedge fund manager and director of MIT’s Laboratory for Financial Engineering, is a long-time student of investor behavior, especially the sort that belies the notion that markets move with cool efficiency. Particularly […]

Top SEC Regulator Backs Hedge Fund Oversight

CNBC – Top U.S. securities regulator said Tuesday she generally supported requiring hedge funds to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission. SEC Commissioner Elisse Walter is the latest in a growing number of policymakers to express support for more […]

Hedge Fund Whiz Einhorn Jumps on the Gold Wagon

BusinessWeek – With the price of gold racing higher over the past two months, more investors are coming around to the notion that the precious metal may be the best option to protect against a possible economic catastrophe. Among the […]

Short reign of luck and leverage

Times Online – Jon Wood, the ballsy and opportunistic hedge fund manager who wagered that there was value in Northern Rock even as the bank was collapsing last autumn, has reportedly lost 85 per cent of his investors’ money. He […]