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IBD Editorial, Truth In Lending, The Housing Market, The Financial Crisis, What it Means for The Health Care Overhaul

A must read story from the Investors Business Daily. The story illustrates how government meddling clearly led to the ruination of the housing market and in turn the financial crisis. We must understand what happened and raise our collective voice if we are to save the health care system from a similar fate. Truth In Lending By INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY […]

News that Moves: Volcker Takes on the Fed, Obama and the IMF, TARP Exit Debate

RCM Comment: IT’S ABOUT TIME!! By Timothy R. Homan Bloomberg News Saturday, April 18, 2009 Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker said Congress will probably review the authority granted to the Fed following emergency credit programs doubling the central bank’s balance sheet to $2.19 trillion. “I don’t think the political system will tolerate the degree of activity that the Federal […]

RCM Editorial: Financial Stocks’ Effect on the DOW, Obama & the Stimulus Package, Greenlight Cap. & Gold

RCM Interesting thought: “Jim Bianco points out that if the remaining financials in the Dow were priced at zero, it would only lose another 300 points. So, they are rapidly running out of room to take the market lower.” While this thought has merit I would also point out that the financials will have an almost impossible time leading the […]

News that Moves: Citadel, Madoff, Obama’s Stimulus Plan, Bush Auto Rescue, MS & GS EPS, & Shipping Rates

RCM Comment: Good news/bad news on the investment management front as it relates to the redemption/repatriation trade. Citadel’s decision to suspend redemptions until March will no doubt lead the way for others to do the same which should relieve some of the pressure on the markets. Of course, adhering to the cockroach theory (which states there is never only one) […]

Hedge Funds and the 2008 Elections

While the overwhelming drama and non-stop media coverage of the democratic primaries has alas come to an end, a historic and monumental election awaits us. Never has there been such a divide on pertinent issues or such a stark difference in the socioeconomic backgrounds of the two candidates. To some, Obama represents a long awaited revolution; a beacon of hope […]