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Touching base with the Hedge Fund community

Yesterday I blogged about cosmetic changes that the HedgeCo team is making on the HedgeCo.Net home page, today we’re going to take it a step farther and solicit your input for future feature additions & the general direction of the site.

As many of you know, HedgeCo Networks has been working with Hedge Funds for the last 7 years. Our website was one of the first Hedge Fund database portals and remains the largest and most trafficked independent Hedge Fund site on the web.

With the underlying current of the Internet changing from traditional websites towards the use of social media platforms, we wanted to touch base with our community and ask you what features attract you the most when you’re looking for your Hedge Fund related data.

The unique goals of HedgeCo.Net have always been two-pronged:

1. Create a portal which would create a new level of transparency between Hedge Funds and investors. This information is meant for accredited investors only.
2. Provide breaking news and other educational (or “Hedgeducational“) resources for the general public.

Because of our two-pronged approach we have 2 distinct sets of users. Our Hedge Fund database users include Accredited Investors, Hedge Fund Managers, and other Industry Professionals. The general public, which use the open areas of our site consist of: Journalists, Researchers, Service Providers, Students, and other interested parties.

Our team has worked continually to enhance the database section of the website by introducing enhanced fund profiles, robust searching, watch lists, etc. However, the general public has not seen as many enhancements to the outside portions of the websites.

Regardless of whether you use our Database section or our News & Educational sections we would appreciate your feedback on what you would like to see more of on HedgeCo.Net.

HedgeCo currently has a presence on LinkedIn, Facebook (fan page and group), and Twitter. We understand that a lot is currently going on in this realm, please let us know if you think of any new features we can add or new ways we can bring our content to the social network.

The HedgeCo Hedge Fund Blog currently features authors who represent various segments of the hedge fund industry. We are open to accepting new columnists, if anyone wants to contribute to our blogs please contact me, Aaron Wormus at (561) 835 8690 and we can discuss.


We have been publishing hedge fund news on HedgeCo.net since our inception. Our news section is one of the most trafficked portions of the site. We are currently working on new ways to display our news, but are open to new ideas and suggestions.

We have a weekly & daily newsletter which members of HedgeCo.Net can subscribe to. We also publish our news via Twitter, and various Facebook and LinkedIn groups.

If you have news you would like to see published, please send it to news@hedgeco.net

At the end of 2008 we started hosting monthly hedge fund social networking events in NYC. Networking events require more planning and resources than the other items in this list, but if you are in an area which has potential for a networking event. Please let us know and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

Apart from the HedgeCo.Net database portal, HedgeCo offers many other services, such as Hedge Fund Startup Consulting (HedgeFundTools.com), Hedge Fund & Corporate Website Creation (HedgeCoWebsites.com), Hedge Fund Reporting and Analytics (HedgeFundCalculator.com), Hedge Fund Employment (HedgeFundEmployment.com), Hedge Fund Administration (GSFundServices.com) and much more.

Please feel free to comment on this post, or pass it around to your friends. Most importantly know that we are VERY INTERESTED in your suggestions or comments! We appreciate your time!

About Aaron Wormus

Aaron Wormus works as the Managing Director of Website Creation at HedgeCo Networks and has worked with HedgeCo since the end of 2004. Prior to working with HedgeCo Networks, Aaron managed a private consulting firm based in Frankfurt, Germany. During this time he worked implementing back-end systems for clients ranging from telecommunications companies to mining companies and Silicon Valley software distributors. Aaron Wormus is a published author who has studied Information Technology and Journalism in Finland. His written work has been published in various technology magazines, translated into 5 European languages, as well as published book. Aaron regularly speaks at PHP Programming conferences, and is involved in the organization of his local technology user group.
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