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J-Power Seeks Long-Term Investors to Replace Hedge Fund TCI

Bloomberg – The head of J-Power, Japan’s largest electricity wholesaler, wants to attract long-term investors to replace its biggest stakeholder, hedge fund TCI, which exited after seeking his ouster in a feud over corporate management. “Investors such as pension funds, […]

L.A. follows its own script

One of the pleasures of flying out of Newark — and there are so many — is the epic view of Manhattan, that soaring bulwark of affluence and might just off the coast of America. But on Friday, when we pulled […]

Hedge funds clipped by short-selling ban

Daily Telegraph – As short-selling is banned to protect Britain’s banks, Gordon Rayner names the men who have made millions from the financial crisis As 70,000 employees of HBOS wonder which of them will still have jobs this time next […]

Breaking even becomes hedge funds’ mantra

Globe and Mail – Joe E. Lewis, the late American nightclub comic and inveterate horse player, once quipped: "I hope I break even. I need the money." That could very well become a mantra in the hedge fund world, where […]