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BBC shares huge pension deficit problem with many other UK employers

Times Online – Investment returns have been diabolical. Share values collapsed last year by 30 per cent. Commercial property — office blocks and shops — slumped in value. Hedge funds, in which the BBC fund has been dabbling, proved far […]

Barclay Hedge Fund Rankings Rate Tranen #1 in Fixed Income Asset Backed Lending

West Palm Beach (HedgeCo.net) – British Virgin Islands based hedge fund manager Tranen Capital took the lead in the Fixed Income – Asset-Backed Lending category for March 2009 with a return of 2.49%. In addition to the March performance, the […]

L.A. follows its own script

One of the pleasures of flying out of Newark — and there are so many — is the epic view of Manhattan, that soaring bulwark of affluence and might just off the coast of America. But on Friday, when we pulled […]