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Hedge funds done with selling?

Daily News and Analysis – With the last of the deadlines for hedge funds investors to file their redemption requests approaching, experts feel most of them may be done with their selling. The Sensex has lost 1,761 points in the […]

Shanghai to give foreign pvt equity ‘legal status’

Reuters – Shanghai has decided to let foreign investors, including private equity and venture capital funds, register legally as local equities investment firms as China’s financial hub moves to lure more overseas investment. Foreign investors with a focus on Chinese […]

Turkey’s first hedge funds coming into being shortly

Todays Zaman- Licensed just a few months ago, Turkey’s first hedge funds will likely embark on operations by mid-September, Corporate Governance Association of Turkey (TKYD) President Gür Çağdaş has said. Speaking to Reuters yesterday, Çağdaş said with the funds, an […]

Leopard Capital Competes to Invest in Cambodia Acleda Bank

Bloomberg – Leopard Capital, which is setting up a $100 million private-equity fund to invest in Cambodia, said it’s competing to buy a stake in Acleda Bank Plc, the largest Cambodian bank. “It’s the best-run bank, it’s clean and it […]

J-Power Wins Shareholder Vote on Payout, Defeats TCI

Bloomberg- J-Power shareholders defeated a proposal by U.K. hedge fund TCI for the company to double its dividend, ending a monthlong proxy battle and sending the stock to its biggest decline since February. Shareholders of Electric Power Development Co., the […]