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Case will throw light on funds before Bear Stearns collapsed

Daily Telegraph – The funds collapsed as billions of dollars of bets made on mortgage-backed bonds and collateralised debt obligations (CDOs) unravelled, and when the time came to try to sell some of the funds’ sub-prime mortgages, no one wanted […]

BT could face £11bn pension fund deficit

Daily Telegraph – Mr Ralfe estimates that under "true market valuations" the hole in BT’s pension could have ballooned to over £11bn – more than the market capitalisation of the former state-owned telecoms company. The claims came ahead of BT […]

Government may inject billions into Northern Rock

Reuters – The government is considering injecting as much as 10 billion pounds into Northern Rock to use the nationalised bank to ramp up mortgage lending, the Daily Telegraph reported. The Treasury has yet to make a final decision on […]

Hedge funds done with selling?

Daily News and Analysis – With the last of the deadlines for hedge funds investors to file their redemption requests approaching, experts feel most of them may be done with their selling. The Sensex has lost 1,761 points in the […]