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The Chinese Market And Domestic GDP: Warning Signs?

New York (HedgeCoVest.Com) – The last two days of trading last week produced a couple of news items that could be sending a warning sign to investors. In Thursday’s trade, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 6.5% for the worst daily […]

Mixed Week for Models as Market Declines

New York, HedgeCo.Net – Last week was a choppy week for the market as we had a couple of big economic events on the calendar. The advanced report of first quarter GDP numbers came out on Wednesday morning and they […]

Gold Falls Hard vs. Dollar as Stocks & Commodities Sink, Faces “Definite Downside Risks”

BullionVault – The Gold Price fell sharply against a strong US Dollar on Monday morning, falling through what one Asian dealer called "technical and psychological support at $942" to record the lowest Gold Fix so far this month at $937.50 […]

Survey Finds More Job Cuts to Come

Street.Com – The NABE survey of 105 forecasters was taken Dec. 17 through Jan. 8. In the survey, 52% said they expected gross domestic product to fall by more than 1% this year. GDP measures the value of all goods and […]