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Apple Popular Among Hedge Funds and Analysts

New York (HedgeCo.net) – Apple is one of the most widely held stocks in the world, but that hasn’t kept the stock from falling with the rest of the market. From mid-July through mid-August, the stock fell over 30% to […]

Majority of Models Outperform Overall Market for August

New York (HedgeCo.Net) August was a brutal month for the global stock market as major indices, in most cases, dropped over eight percent. The S&P dropped 6.26% and that made it one of the leading indices from around the globe. […]

Modern Portfolio Theory Needs To Be Modernized

New York (HedgeCo.net) – Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) has been a successful investment theory over the years. At the heart of MPT is the idea of diversification and the fact that risk can be reduced through a well-diversified portfolio with […]

HedgeCoVest Versus Market Vectors Indices in August

New York (HedgeCo.net) – August was a rough month for the global stock market as all major indices lost at least 5% on the month and some saw double-digit losses. With that market environment as a backdrop, Market Vectors Index […]

HedgeCoVest Composite Models Hold Their Ground in Meltdown

New York (HedgeCo.net) – Thursday saw the overall U.S. stock market get routed as investors fled due to global economic fears and fear the Fed would raise interest rates too soon or too fast. The S&P lost 2.11% and the […]

Big Gains in Short-Only Models Over Last 30-Days

New York (HedgeCo.net) – Scrolling the HedgeCoVest platform Friday afternoon there was something that stood out about the 30-day returns and the top five performing models during this time period—three of the five were short-only models and two were long/short […]

How Liquid are Liquid Alternatives?

New York (HedgeCo.net) – Liquid alternative mutual funds have seen explosive growth over the last five years and with good reason. The idea behind liquid alts is to offer the benefits of hedge fund strategies while eliminating some of the […]

Model Spotlight: HedgeCoVest Industrial Short-Only

New York (HedgeCo.net) – The last two months have been somewhat tough for the overall market. With May 27 as a starting date and continuing through July 27, the S&P 500 has only been in positive territory for four days. […]

Credit Suisse Liquid Alternative Index Up in July

New York (HedgeCo.net) – The Credit Suisse Liquid Alternative Beta Index was up 1.38% in July which was a nice recovery from the 2.05% loss for the month of June. The index, which was designed to represent the overall hedge […]

As investors flood into Absolute Return funds – are these ‘low risk’ funds everyone’s suddenly buying as safe as they seem?

(Daily Mail) – If you go to a financial adviser and say you don’t like taking risks with your money, there’s one type of fund likely to be recommended. Huge numbers of cautious investors are being put into Absolute Return […]

Model Spotlight: Ashbury Behavioral Long/Short Model

New York (HedgeCo.net) – The Ashbury Behavioral Long/Short Model is designed to exploit long-term behavioral biases in forecasting, fundamental valuation, and trend following.  It targets areas where people’s behavioral biases are pervasive and impossible to overcome, using two sub-strategies that […]

Second Quarter Report Card

New York (HedgeCo.Net) – Last Tuesday marked the end of the second quarter and it was a quarter many investors are happy to see go. The market had a hard time getting any traction in either direction and as we […]