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Madoff asks for 12 years for Ponzi conviction

Denver Post – Bernard Madoff asked a federal judge this week to sentence him to as little as 12 years in prison after he pleaded guilty earlier this year to operating a massive, decades- long Ponzi scheme. In a letter […]

Man linked to Madoff to yield control of funds

Denver Post – J. Ezra Merkin, a hedge-fund manager who invested billions of dollars of clients’ money with swindler Bernard Madoff, has agreed to relinquish control of his funds to court-appointed trustees. The attorney general’s office had requested the move […]

Lewis: Most alleged Ponzis won’t get carded

Denver Post – Topps Co. will feature Charlie Ponzi and Bernie Madoff in a series of trading cards due out on June, covering the "world’s biggest hoaxes, hoodwinks and bamboozles." Unfortunately, scores of lesser Ponzi schemers will never stack in […]

N.Y. hedge-fund manager accused of Ponzi scheme

Denver Post – The U.S. filed civil and criminal charges against New York hedge-fund manager Edward T. Stein, accusing him of running a "classic Ponzi scheme" that moved more than $55 million through accounts while preying on acquaintances. Stein, who […]

Feds offer hedge-fund deal, with strings

Denver Post – Hedge funds are being offered a deal to help the feds rescue the banking system: A low-risk opportunity to buy bad bank assets that could one day make them a killing. But the deal could make for […]