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Hedge funds and clones

LiveMint (WSJ) – After the global financial meltdown of the last year, hedge funds have been under considerable stress globally. The operations of all such funds have been viewed as being non-transparent, not subject to regulatory oversight, and high-risk, high-return […]

Castle Hall Alternatives Publishes White Paper on Hedge Fund Operational Failures

West Palm Beach (HedgeCo.net) – Hedge fund operational due diligence provider, Castle Hall Alternatives, published its latest White Paper, ‘From Manhattan to Madoff: the Causes and Lessons of Hedge Fund Operational Failure.’ The Paper’s analysis and findings are based on […]

A Hedge Fund Roundtable

Forbes – Hedge fund managers Lloyd Khaner, Stephen Roseman and Ken Shubin Stein discuss changes in the industry post-Bernie Madoff. The next video will include a discussion between three hedge fund managers and Intelligent Investing assistant editor David Serchuk. In […]

Madoff buddy, Ezra Merkin, sued over plunder from Ponzi scheme

New York Daily News – Ezra Merkin should have known better, a lawsuit claims. The Park Avenue hedge fund king funneled investments to Bernie Madoff and received millions in fees Merkin knew were the spoils of a massive Ponzi scheme, […]

Lewis: Most alleged Ponzis won’t get carded

Denver Post – Topps Co. will feature Charlie Ponzi and Bernie Madoff in a series of trading cards due out on June, covering the "world’s biggest hoaxes, hoodwinks and bamboozles." Unfortunately, scores of lesser Ponzi schemers will never stack in […]

High-flying fundraisers who saw nothing wrong

Guardian Unlimited – Andres Piedrahita, a London-based fundraiser for Bernie Madoff’s fraudulent empire, is among high society figures facing increasing pressure to explain how they missed warning signs around the disgraced hedge fund manager. Piedrahita, who has homes in Belgravia, […]

The (Bullish) Case for Hedge Funds

Seeking Alpha – The one group of investors that’s been vilified more than any other by the business press and government officials alike in 2008? Hedge fund managers. After years of rapid growth in terms of both assets and numbers […]