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West Palm Beach (HedgeCo.net) – A new online game has been brought to my attention, it’s called Wall Street Survivor, where novice investors can contemplate their present and future investment plans without gambling with their hard earned savings.

As volatility in the world’s financial markets have even the most hardened Wall Street warriors at a loss, the game lets potential investors test the waters with a simulated, risk-free platform designed to help individuals take control of their financial futures.

Utilizing the web’s sophisticated trading simulation engine, Wall Street Survivor enables users to build and track virtual stock portfolios bought with pre-set fictional (play money) trading budgets, all while executing a full range of trading actions.  The Wall Street Survivor features the world’s only simulator where trades and portfolios are executed and updated in real time.

The platform also possess robust web 2.0 social networking capabilities such as Facebook style message “Walls”, buddy lists and a community of traders to learn from and compete against.  The competition aspect of the site lets users pit their portfolio against friends, family, peers and fellow students and the streaming leader-board allows budding financial wizards keep one on eye the market and one on the game.

Highlighting its educational benefits, the site’s proprietary technology platform is in use by over 200,000 students worldwide as part of the curriculum at 900 schools including Columbia, the University of Chicago , Yale, London School of Business, McGill University and others.  The platform also maintains an evolving database of stock trading tips and articles on investment strategies.

“In this day and age people, now more than ever must take the time to properly prepare themselves prior to taking risks,” states Rory Olson, CEO of Stock-Trak Group.

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