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Proceed with Caution

            It is now evident that this recession has uncovered a number of substantial flaws in our country’s financial industry. The now-exposed wounds became so complex that it took a meltdown of this size to identify them and it will take a long, sluggish recovery for them to heal. The majority of the flaws in our financial system hit individual […]

Pulling the Unemployed off the Ropes and Into the Fight

           As markets continue to produce signs of stabilization over the next quarter, it is unlikely that unemployment figures will show much improvement. With figures the highest they have been in more than 25 years, unemployment appears to have neared its peak. Lowering the rate to levels our economy can adequately support will prove to be a daunting task. But, with […]

Too Big To Learn

            With a bad habit of ignoring profound systemic problems, Federal Treasury officials are now securing a system that encourages the same careless risk-taking that originally got us into this mess. With this week marking the one-year anniversary since Lehman Brothers imploded, it is only appropriate to discuss the faulty system that protects and rewards failing financial institutions.             The […]

News that Moves: Massive Drop in Consumer Credit, Truth Behind the Employment Figures, Geithner’s NY Times Op-Ed

Zero Hedge: The latest G.19 filing shows a massive drop in both revolving and non-revolving consumer credit, which has fallen to a one year low at $2.551 trillion, an $11 billion reduction sequentially in credit, split about even between revolving and non-revolving. RCM Comment: The government is trying desperately to spend its way out of this recession, but it cannot […]