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Stock Market Strategy: A Follow Up – Transition From Short to Long

On Friday of last week I outlined a case for impending equity market strength. Please refer to this post titled, Stock Market Strategy: Reduce Shorts Expect Equity Market Rally , for complete details. Today, I would like to review recent news events and the market’s subsequent reaction to see if our bullish call has horns. To begin, I’m going to […]

G.O.P takes Mass., Market Reaction to G.O.P Win, Housing Starts Plummet, FHA Lifts Fees

G.O.P. takes Massachusetts Senate seat – NY Times NY Times reports Scott Brown, a little-known Republican state senator, rode to an extraordinary upset Tuesday night when he was elected to fill the Senate seat that was long held by Edward M. Kennedy in the overwhelmingly Democratic state of Massachusetts. By a decisive margin, Mr. Brown defeated Martha Coakley, the state’s […]

Too Big To Learn

            With a bad habit of ignoring profound systemic problems, Federal Treasury officials are now securing a system that encourages the same careless risk-taking that originally got us into this mess. With this week marking the one-year anniversary since Lehman Brothers imploded, it is only appropriate to discuss the faulty system that protects and rewards failing financial institutions.             The […]

Capital Raising Methods & Hedge Fund Capital Introduction in Focus on Evan Rapoport’s Blog

Evan Rapoport, Co-Founder of HedgeCo Networks, has been blogging up a storm over at his Capital Introduction Blog. Borrowing from years of experience raising capital for hedge funds and other institutions, Evan takes a very direct and knowledgeable approach to navigating through the often tricky waters surrounding marketing your hedge fund. Hedge Fund Third Party Marketing and Marketers First, the […]

Hedge Fund Lock-Ups in Focus after Cerberus Announcement

There have been many questions about the Hedge Fund Lock-ups which were announced by Cerberus Capital today. Many of the explanations & by the major media outlets have been unclear if not incorrect. Image / CC BY 2.0 One of the main misconceptions with most of the articles presented in the media is that the Lockups will affect existing hedge […]

Bull Path Launches a unique Long / Short Mutual Fund

It’s a big day for the team over at Bull Path Funds! With the the v2 launch of their website (created by none other than the HedgeCo Hedge Fund website team) they have cracked the lid off of their unique Long/Short strategy Mutual Fund. The Bull Path Long Short Fund adopts a strategy developed and run by Bull Path Capital […]