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Taking Control of the Things We Can

Earlier this week, after wrestling with the spate of painful economic news provided by major media, I recognized that I had no immediate control over any of the massive economic concerns. The stock market zigged when I hoped it would zag. Unemployment numbers, often reported differently, moved at different paces in the undesirable direction. Our federal deficit grew, which increased […]

Hedge Fund Regulation: It’s Back!

Reposted from “Hedge Fund Regulation: It’s Back” on the Intralinks.com Blog. And this time it’s taking private equity and venture capital with it. First, let’s quickly rewind to 2006, when hedge funds throughout the U.S. were completing their ADV and implementing technology to retain their e-mails and documents. At the time, they were anticipating having to register with the SEC […]

Short Interest Days Into Dilution Solution

The SEC has come out with permanent rules to solve the problem caused by naked short selling.  The pivotal problem is the exploitative danger of manipulation of volatility and resulting down spiral. The problem with regulatory approaches is a preference to add patches onto a bad system instead of re-engineering the whole system (for instance, The Federal Reserve System).  The […]

What is the difference between hedge fund capital introduction and third party marketing?

This is a re-post of the original article from Evan Rapoport’s Capital Introduction Blog I often hear the terms Capital Introduction and Third Party Marketing used interchangeably. They actually however, represent two different services within the hedge fund asset gathering space. Capital Introduction is a service usually provided by hedge fund prime brokers. The biggest teams coming from the largest […]

deMarigny: Taleb Almost Has Solution Right

In today’s article: “Taleb offers a universal solution to our ills” (Published July 14, 2009 at 10:46 AM “THE DEAL”) Prof. Taleb, author of “The Black Swan,” a book about the likelihood of outlier events otherwise believed to be improbable, profers a solution to the current debt and liquidity malaise.  He says to make a mandatory conversion of all public […]

Colony Capital (owners of Michael Jackson’s Neverland) to IPO

Market Watch, with the help of regulatory filings has released an article which indicates that Colony Capital is raising money for an upcoming IPO: Colony Financial Inc. will be a real estate investment trust managed by a subsidiary of Colony Capital. The new REIT plans to mainly buy, originate and manage commercial mortgage loans and other commercial real estate-related debt […]

Bull Path Launches a unique Long / Short Mutual Fund

It’s a big day for the team over at Bull Path Funds! With the the v2 launch of their website (created by none other than the HedgeCo Hedge Fund website team) they have cracked the lid off of their unique Long/Short strategy Mutual Fund. The Bull Path Long Short Fund adopts a strategy developed and run by Bull Path Capital […]

Redemptions sink Satellite Asset Management

Reuters reported yesterday that according to Satellite Asset Management’s website (currently down), they have closed their fund and attributed it to “client withdrawals”. Satellite Asset Management LP, a $2.8 billion (1.84 billion pounds) hedge fund founded by former employees of billionaire George Soros, is closing down because of client withdrawals, Bloomberg said on its website late Friday. The New York-based […]

Bill McIntosh speaks with Hedge Fund Manager Jim Chanos of Kynikos Associates

Jim Chanos, the founder and managing partner of Kynikos Associates, is likely the most successful pure equities short seller in global markets. Kynikos’ flagship Ursus short bias fund has grown steadily for over two decades and now manages over an estimated $4 billion. The recent bear market has helped the fund earn strong returns, furthering a reputation that was very […]

Ron Geffner on Hedge Fund Regulation

Ron S. Geffner of Sadis & Goldberg LLP talks about hedge funds and regulation. Very interesting topics covered, specifically how the systematic risk a hedge fund poses to the market in general should effect regulation. For more information on Ron email him at rgeffner@sglawyers.com or visit www.hedgefundworld.com. A great watch for anyone who is interested hedge funds and the future […]