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Is Quantitative Easing Alive and Well? Evidence Mounts Suggesting the Answer Is Yes

Today, I’d like to address a curious phenomenon developing in the Treasury market. March 31st supposedly marked the end of the Fed’s quantitative easing (Q.E.) phase. We were told the Fed would no longer print money and buy mortgage backed securities. There was, of course, no discussion about the Fed printing money and buying other assets. However, ‘ending Q.E.’ carries […]

RCM Editorial: Fed Action Leads to Market Reversals: The Cat May Have 9 Lives

A quick update to the post on Friday the 13th: I wrote last Friday that this week’s action would hold some of the keys to unlock the true direction of the markets going forward. Dead cat bounce or a real change in direction? That is the question that needs answering. Allow me to begin by writing that real changes don’t […]

News that Moves: Peter Munk of ABX – China & U.S. Debt – China, Japan & Australia add to Fiat Currency Expansion – Losses on Hybrids

RCM Comment: The Chairman of Barrick Gold (ABX), Peter Munk, a well respected elder statesman of the precious metals arena, was interviewed during the Davos 2009 world economic conference. You can click on the link to read all his comments, but a key takeaway was his belief that China and other nations may begin converting reserve currency into gold. What […]