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The Fed Meeting Fallout, US$ Strength / Smaller than Expected Debt Limit Increase, Shadow Home Inventory on the Rise, State Budget Problems

The Fed chose not to change rates or comments during the Wednesday meeting. While we anticipated this outcome in our Monday post, the market reaction has been anything but expected. In months past the type of Fed commentary exhibited this week led to a lower US$ and inverse strength in commodity and equity markets. This week the results have been […]

Housing Starts Crater, Economy Woes Tie Fed Hands, GLD Warnings, Paulson & Touradji Make Bold Gold Statements

Mid-week and the economic numbers continue to disappoint. However, equity investors should take heart and view the chart above. This is a monthly chart illustrating the direction of the US$ and the inverse relationship with the S&P500. The chart dates back to 2000, but you can see the correlation has become more intense in the last 12 months. So, as […]

Proceed with Caution

            It is now evident that this recession has uncovered a number of substantial flaws in our country’s financial industry. The now-exposed wounds became so complex that it took a meltdown of this size to identify them and it will take a long, sluggish recovery for them to heal. The majority of the flaws in our financial system hit individual […]

Credit Thaw, LIBOR Trend, Commercial Paper,M Hanson Real Estate, CA Home Sales Report, Earning of Interest ABX, NETL

We have been following the LIBOR story since the beginning of the credit crisis. Conventional wisdom suggests that if the LIBOR rate is going up then there are problems with the credit markets and if rates are going down then credit is flowing freely. This story highlights a possible wrinkle in this theory. Rates are clearly going down but the […]

IBD Editorial, Truth In Lending, The Housing Market, The Financial Crisis, What it Means for The Health Care Overhaul

A must read story from the Investors Business Daily. The story illustrates how government meddling clearly led to the ruination of the housing market and in turn the financial crisis. We must understand what happened and raise our collective voice if we are to save the health care system from a similar fate. Truth In Lending By INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY […]

Stalled Stimulus Deters Investment, Subprime Woe Resurfaces, China Attacks US$ Dominance

– If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed. –Mark Twain RCM Comment: The story below illustrates what happens all too often when government oversteps its mandate and attempts to manipulate the private sector. For those of you who approve of big government read this story very closely. Please understand […]