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Debate of QE Termination a Head Fake Expect Market Rallies Upon Completion of QE2

“The USSR had two newspapers, Pravda and Izvestia.  In the Russian language, “pravda” means truth and “izvestia” means news.  The saying amongst the Russian people put the situation in a nutshell:  “There’s no Pravda in Izvestia and there’s no Izvestia in Pravda”.” – The Privateer ‘You heard it here first’ and ‘Mark my words’ are the hackneyed phrases that come to […]

Proceed with Caution

            It is now evident that this recession has uncovered a number of substantial flaws in our country’s financial industry. The now-exposed wounds became so complex that it took a meltdown of this size to identify them and it will take a long, sluggish recovery for them to heal. The majority of the flaws in our financial system hit individual […]

RCM Editorial: An Explosion of Debt Relative to GDP

RCM Comment – Gary Rosenthal: Examine the Total Credit Market Debt vs. GDP chart below and you will quickly realize why all of the government’s bailout programs are paper tigers and are destined to miss their intended mark by a wide margin. The credit collapse of 1929-30 did not hit bottom until the early 1950s. The strong U.S. economic expansion […]

News that Moves: The US$ Reserve Status in Question, China Comments on US$ and Debt

RCM Comments: With all the noise about bailouts and payouts and market rallies, I’m afraid you may be distracted from perhaps the most important story brewing. We have highlighted in these pages more than once over the last few months the importance of the movement coming from China to impose its will on the world financial community. Please read these […]