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Stock Market Investing: Stay the Course & Ride the Wave, GDP not 3.5%?, Economic Numbers Troublesome, Hyperinflation Rapidly Approaching

Stock Market Investing: No change from last week. The technicals didn’t get much better but an overwhelming tsunami of weak economic data helped to drive the US$ lower and drove both hard asset prices and equity prices higher.Read More… …Meanwhile, even as Brazil implements policy changes to stop its currency from appreciating, the Real advances adding credence to the Economist […]

The Strenuous Life of the American Dollar

              With the enormous amount of government spending, some level of U.S. inflation is inevitable; but how high that level might get is debatable. With the global economy crawling out of the Great Recession, inflation-flavored fears now fill news broadcasts. As a result, gold and oil prices have climbed as inflation-conscious investors have poured their money into commodities due to […]

US$/S&P 500 Correlation, Dollar Cheaper to Borrow Than the Yen, AIG Momentum Discussed

As the graph above illustrates, a serious correlation between the US$ and the US equity markets has developed over the last 9+ years. This correlation is strong and for policy makers in Washington, rather disturbing. The relationship is as follows: If the US$ loses value the equity markets have rallied and if the US$ strengthens equity markets have sold off. […]

RCM Editorial: An Explosion of Debt Relative to GDP

RCM Comment – Gary Rosenthal: Examine the Total Credit Market Debt vs. GDP chart below and you will quickly realize why all of the government’s bailout programs are paper tigers and are destined to miss their intended mark by a wide margin. The credit collapse of 1929-30 did not hit bottom until the early 1950s. The strong U.S. economic expansion […]