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RCM Investment Strategy, Earning GS/JPM/INTC/GOOG, Industrial Production Surges, Michigan Sentiment Misses, 60% Of Borrowers Underwater, Fed’s Fisher

Tea Leaves; in the last couple of days there have been a lot of them, so let’s start reading:The tangible parts of GS’s earnings were suspect (Investment Banking -38%, Asset Management -6%, Trading and Principal Investments -7%) while the FICC unit (Fixed Income, Currency, Commodities) showed all the gain. “Net revenues in FICC were $5.99 billion, significantly higher than the […]

The Strenuous Life of the American Dollar

              With the enormous amount of government spending, some level of U.S. inflation is inevitable; but how high that level might get is debatable. With the global economy crawling out of the Great Recession, inflation-flavored fears now fill news broadcasts. As a result, gold and oil prices have climbed as inflation-conscious investors have poured their money into commodities due to […]

Inflation, Hyperinflation, Stagflation and the Investment Strategy to Benefit, Richard Russell, Fed’s Lacker, Credit Tightens, Banks Sift Reserves

Welcome back, today we will continue our discussion about the inflation/hyperinflation/ stagflation trade. In my last post I illustrated how the important news stories of last week clearly unveiled the footprint of the inflation trade. You may recall that I ended with the familiar refrain: “Inflation (particularly hyperinflation) is a currency event, not an economic event.” Therefore, the investment strategy […]

The Inflation Trade, Alcoa EPS, Obama’s New Stimulus Plan, Australia’s Interest Rate Increase, Commercial Real Estate Woes

Today we are going to follow the footprints of the hyper-inflation/stagflation trade that I have been writing so much about. By simply understanding the impact of the important news stories and avoiding the noise of the traditional media outlets, tracking our quarry will be relatively easy. AA Alcoa beats by $0.13, beats on revs (14.20 +0.31) Reports Q3 (Sep) earnings […]

Gold Hits New High, U.S.$ Approaches New Low, Nouriel Roubini Rants, Geithner and Lamont Looking Similiar, Saudi Central Bank Denies Replacement $

Gold breaks out to a new high up 2.4%, Silver up 4.36%, the equity markets are up over 1.5%, and the U.S.$ is down another .66%. The inflation trade is alive and well. I would like to begin with a quick comment on Nouriel. I have reprinted the essence of his most recent comments for your perusal: Nouriel Roubini appears […]

Thomas J. Powell – Reasonable Regulation: That’s Allstate’s Stand

Reasonable Regulation: That’s Allstate’s Stand             Many companies involved in financial services cower when an official of any stature mentions the threat of national regulation, but Allstate has decided to embrace it. Since late April, Allstate has been pushing an advertising campaign that is rooted in support for creating a national regulation agency for all players in the financial industry, […]

deMarigny: Taleb Almost Has Solution Right

In today’s article: “Taleb offers a universal solution to our ills” (Published July 14, 2009 at 10:46 AM “THE DEAL”) Prof. Taleb, author of “The Black Swan,” a book about the likelihood of outlier events otherwise believed to be improbable, profers a solution to the current debt and liquidity malaise.  He says to make a mandatory conversion of all public […]