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Healthcare Vote Drives the Equity Markets Higher?! U.S. – China Trade War Brewing

The equity markets move higher responding to the results of the healthcare vote Sunday? If you can’t see through that illogical logic then no amount of reading this blog will help you. Please stop reading this post, don’t pass go and choose a card from the community chest as that seems to be the order of the day. For the […]

Thomas J. Powell – Reasonable Regulation: That’s Allstate’s Stand

Reasonable Regulation: That’s Allstate’s Stand             Many companies involved in financial services cower when an official of any stature mentions the threat of national regulation, but Allstate has decided to embrace it. Since late April, Allstate has been pushing an advertising campaign that is rooted in support for creating a national regulation agency for all players in the financial industry, […]

FASB Rule Changes, All Hail the Blue Dogs, SOHU/CYOU/GLW Earnings

RCM Comment: We must keep an eye on this major development. If FASB stands firm and makes the changes desired then possibly 3rd and certainly 4th quarter earnings announcements for financial companies should be entertaining. These changes would make it exceedingly more difficult for the financial group to hide and misrepresent the true conditions of the business. Accountants Gain Courage […]