Hedge Fund Training Workshops/Seminars/Courses

Carol Kaufman, Founder/CEO
224 Lincoln Avenue
Ridgewood, 07450
Phone: 201-447-6060
Website: http://www.alternativestlc.com

In-house, customized training of hedge fund overviews and accounting principles for fund administrators. Alternatives orientation and strategic planning for traditional firms new to the industry. Visit http://www.alternativestlc.com

Michael C. Pastena, President
Phone: 212-620-0959

Greg Daniels, Ayers
Phone: 9179914090

Luca Avellini, Marketing Manager
Phone: 1-888-650-1831

Sean Drake, Hedge Fund Boot Camp
Phone: 203 247 2479

Trish Foshee, Institute for Financial Markets
Phone: 202.223.1528

Jonathon Stone, President
Phone: 847-948-5356

Alan Farrell, Founder
Phone: +353 1 8394945

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