Hedge Fund Due Diligence

Hedge Fund Due Diligence - i-fact@nalysis, Inc.

Dennis Moschella, Managing Director
14 Wall Street 20th Floor
New York, 10005
Phone: 212-618-1630
Website: http://www.i-factanalysis.com


i-fact@nalysis is a global provider of investigative due diligence services. The company’s foundation is centered on exceptional customer service, narrowly focused core practice areas and expert knowledge. The principals at i-fact@nalysis have over three decades of experience in providing professional investigatory and compliance advisory services throughout the U.S. and in over fifty-five countries to Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, private equity firms, hedge funds, and the banking and investment communities. We conduct in-depth research utilizing our team of experienced VP level executives from banking and investment institutions, forensic investigators and research analysts equipped with the latest technology. Our due diligence model provides a sole-source solution, which maintains the continuity, integrity and confidentiality of the investigative process through measured cost efficiencies. Our knowledge base ensures we meet our client’s global investigative, compliance, regulatory and budgetary requirements. The company’s global network of strategically located offices staffed by experienced professionals insures the delivery of human intelligence, which is a key component in mitigating risk outside of the U.S. We have developed relationships with government officials, industry leaders, journalist, and law enforcement agencies through our offices in Boston, Houston, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Berlin, Hong Kong, Moscow, Riyadh and Shanghai. Therefore, we have the resources required, as well as the experience and local presence to conduct U.S. or multi-national due diligence investigations. i-fact@nalysis’s other core practice areas are computer forensics and e-Discovery. Due Diligence/Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Latin America, Offshore, US & North America

Hedge Fund Due Diligence - Maragell

Jeffrey Brenner, Director, Operations
15 Mechanic Street
Haddonfield, NJ 08034
Phone: (856) 429-0325
Website: http://www.maragell.com


Maragell, LLC is a full-service investigations firm. Our focus is on the corporate environment, specifically internal investigations, due diligence, and computer forensics. Our experience as legal professionals has fueled our reputation as the go-to firm for due diligence background checks. Given our additional pedigree as investigators, we truly understand the problems our clients are facing, what they need to resolve it, and better yet, where to find the answers. Our research is analytical in nature and our reports provide insight into the legal and business risks that may exist in connection with a potential investment. In today’s environment, conducting investigative background checks is an essential element of an effective business and investment strategy. Organizations that adhere to a strict screening regime can benefit in many ways, including the preservation of the organization’s integrity and reputation and the avoidance of damaging breach of fiduciary duty litigation. Maragell was founded by Jeff Brenner, Esq., NJLPI, a former trial and business transactions attorney and until recently, the US managing partner of Intelysis Corp. From our base in New Jersey, we cover the world through strategic relationships with other skilled investigators in Asia, India, Latin America and Europe. Our due diligence clients include hedge funds, venture capitalists, university endowment funds, money managers, and business lawyers.

Hedge Fund Due Diligence - Check Fund Manager

Guy Simonian, Check Fund Manager
365 WIllard Ave #2C
Newington, CT 06111
Phone: (860) 666-9595 x103
Website: http://www.checkfundmanager.net/al...


Check Fund Manager conducts background investigations to help our clients avoid headline risk. Having conducted over 22,000 international investigations in the Alternative Investment industry, Check Fund Manager is now the premier provider of this information for Fund of Funds providers, Pension Funds, University Endowments, the Capital Markets, and Family Offices. The information we provide is used primarily to screen out individuals whose background indicates that they may expose you to an undesirable headline risk, may present an unnecessary capital risk for your investors, and as an information source used in preparation for an interview. Call for a report sample and access to the report database.

Alan Scharf, A.B. Scharf and Company Ltd.
Phone: 954-474-2411

AKHBAR SATAR, Akhbar Corporate Integrity Services
Phone: 60172560811

AKHBAR SATAR, Akhbar Corporate Integrity Services
Phone: 60172560811

R.J. Barrios, Director
Phone: (888)525-6547 x 105

Alexandra Jones, Investigations Manager
Phone: +44 (0) 207 553 7960

Jason Scharfman, Corgentum Consulting (Operational DD)
Phone: 201-918-5201

Kenneth Springer, Corporate Resolutions Inc.
Phone: 212-691-3800

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